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Blog jun. 29, 2011 | Share

10 Things You Might Not Have Known about Digital Traffic Worldwide

To meet the demand for more measurement combining all sources of digital traffic, comScore recently announced the release of Device Essentials™, an exciting new solution providing insight into digital traffic coming from all types of devices on a global basis. Device Essentials utilizes comScore’s Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) methodology, which... Lees verder

Data Gem jun. 23, 2011 | Share

U.S., Singapore, and U.K. Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Today, comScore launched Device Essentials - a service that provides an all-encompassing view of digital traffic from all web-enabled devices worldwide. The findings in the inaugural release provide the world's first glimpse into the share of traffic coming from various devices by device type and connection type. Lees verder

Blog mei. 9, 2011 | Share

6 Keys to Mobile Search Marketing Success

A funny thing happened on the bus on my way to work recently. I was on my phone searching for a lunchtime haircut spot, the lady next to me was shopping for new curtains on her iPad, and a Wall Street type was talking loudly on his phone asking for tips prior to laying a bet with his bookie (you have to love New York City). Lees verder

White paper feb. 14, 2011 | Share

The 2010 Mobile Year in Review

comScore presents the inaugural Mobile Year in Review report, a look at the top trends in mobile throughout 2010 and their implications for the coming year. The report looks across the U.S., EU5 and Japan, providing insights on the dynamic mobile ecosystem. Lees verder

Data Gem nov. 15, 2010 | Share

Infographic: The Habits of Online Newspaper Readers

The Habits of Online Newspaper Readers

The Wall Street Journal posted this great infographic examining the habits of online newspaper readers by device type throughout the day. Lees verder