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Persbericht jul. 23, 2014 | Share

Terra Uses comScore validated Media Essentials (vME™) to Measure Improved Ad Viewability of New Site Layout

comScore, Inc., a global leader in measuring the digital world, announced that Terra uses validated Media Essentials (vME), a tool for evaluating and optimizing inventory by ad slot, site section and creative size, to gain increased viewability in their new site layout for Lees verder

Persbericht feb. 25, 2014 | Share

Unilever Leverages comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) Service to Gain a Holistic View of Digital Campaign Performance in Brazil

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced that Unilever Brazil, a pioneer in digital measurement, leveraged validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), a holistic ad and audience delivery validation solution, to identify sources of sub-optimal in-target and in-view campaign delivery. Lees verder

Data Gem sep. 27, 2011 | Share

Orkut Leads Social Networking Market in Brazil But Facebook Growing Fast

Orkut Leads Social Networking Market in Brazil

Brazil is home to one of the most unique social networking environments in the world – and one of the few market where does not lead the Social Networking category. This leading position has been held by Orkut which saw 35.7 million visitors in June 2011, an increase of 20% from last year. Lees verder

Data Gem sep. 22, 2011 | Share

Social Networking Visitation and Engagement by Region

social networking visitation and engagement by region

An analysis of social networking visitation and engagement by region revealed that Asia Pacific, home to the largest online audience of the five global regions, contributed 32.5% of worldwide visitors to the category. Europe followed with 30.1% of social networkers, while North America accounted for 18.1%. Latin America represented 10.2% of all social... Lees verder

Data Gem sep. 21, 2011 | Share

Top Social Networking Sites in Latin America

Top Social Networking Sites in Latin America is a strong leader in the Latin American social networking market reaching more than 91 million visitors in June, up 52 percent in the past year. The audience was nearly three times the size of the next largest site, Windows Live Profile, which reached 35.6 million visitors in the region. Orkut held the #3 spot with 34.4 million... Lees verder

Data Gem sep. 20, 2011 | Share

Latin American Social Networking Audience Grows 16 Percent in Past Year

Latam Social Networking Visitors

In June 2011, 114.5 million people in Latin America visited a social networking site, representing 96% of the entire online population in the region. Social networking is not only big in Latin America, it is growing -- with the audience climbing 16% from the previous year. Lees verder