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comScore Activation helps digital publishers build more valuable targets to drive stronger ROI for advertisers – and higher CPMs for you. 

Be amazed by what you can do.

There are countless ways we can help you activate data for better targeting. Here are a few.

Increase the scale of your sponsorship segments by retargeting interested audiences across your content.

Uncover the most relevant content across all your inventory for custom-tailored advertising.

Create granular audience targets based on user consumption to deliver advertising that resonates.

Target smarter, not harder.

Create higher-quality ad packages – without the manual work – using a variety of automated, context-driven attributes.

See how Activation is helping our clients.

 comScore Activation enables us to have a more strategic conversation with our advertisers about their needs, giving us the granularity and flexibility we need to take control over our ad packages and maximise scale for inventory monetisation.

– Alex Gibson, Senior Manager Ad Operations and Planning, San Francisco Chronicle, Hearst


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