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Data Gem may. 16, 2011 | Share

LinkedIn Thrives Across All Markets

Growth of Unique Visitors to LinkedIN

LinkedIn's audience has grown across all markets when comparing data from March 2010 to March 2011. On a worldwide scale, the social networking site for business professionals has seen a growth of 65 percent, from 48 million users in March 2010 to 79 million as of March 2011. Leer más

Data Gem mar. 24, 2011 | Share

Growth of Career Websites across Europe

Reach Career Websites across Europe

In Europe, the reach of Career Services and Development category in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK grew over the past year. Spain led these markets with 40% of its online audience visiting a Careers website in January 2011. The UK gained the largest market share and went up 8.4 percent points compared to November 2009, followed by... Leer más

Data Gem mar. 2, 2011 | Share

Facebook and Twitter –Most European Users Between 15-24 Years Old

Facebook and Twitter –Most European Users Between 15-24 Years Old

The profile of social networking users in Europe reveals an audience that generally skews younger, with 15-24 year olds representing 25.3 percent of users, followed closely by 25-34 year olds at 24.3 percent. While the breakdown of European visitors to Facebook and Twitter mirrors that of social networking site users in general, LinkedIn has an older... Leer más

Data Gem oct. 20, 2010 | Share

Top Social Network Publishers by Advertising Exposed Reach %

Top Social Network Publishers by Advertising Exposed Reach

Ads on reach 62 percent of Americans online, while ads on MySpace reach 24 percent. Leer más

Blog sep. 10, 2010 | Share

LinkedIn: Crossing Borders and Connecting People

Last week, comScore announced our acquisition of Nedstat, a leading provider of global analytics and online optimization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was great to welcome the Nedstat folks as part of the comScore team, and we have already begun the process of integrating our companies. In working with a handful of people from Nedstat, I noticed... Leer más