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agosto 26, 2008

Microsoft Ranks as Top U.S. Online Display Advertiser in June, According to comScore Ad Metrix

Major Display Ad Campaign Promotes Windows Live Search Programs

RESTON, VA, August 26, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its June ranking of the top online display ad publishers and advertisers, based on data from the comScore Ad Metrix service. Fox Interactive Media, which owns MySpace.com, ranked as the top display ad publisher with 15.9 percent of all display ads viewed, while Microsoft was the top display advertiser with 1.7 percent of total views.

comScore Ad Metrix provides detailed reporting of the number and types of online display ads viewed by Internet users in the U.S. market. The syndicated service measures the number of times each advertiser’s ads are viewed and where they are viewed, the demographics of those exposed to the ads, and the reach and frequency of an advertiser’s campaign. Ad Metrix also provides samples of the creative ad units with information on ad sizes.

Fox Interactive Media Ranks as Top Display Ad Publisher in June

Fox Interactive Media ranked as the top display ad publishing property in June, serving 52.3 billion ad views (15.9 percent market share), with MySpace.com accounting for 51 billion of these views. Yahoo! Sites, which ranked second in total ad views with 34.7 billion (10.5 percent share), reached 130 million unique individuals with its ads – reaching more people than any other publisher. AOL LLC ranked third with 19 billion display ads (5.8 percent share), followed by Microsoft Sites with 15.4 billion (4.7 percent share), and Google Sites with 5.1 billion (1.5 percent share).

Top Display Ad Publisher Sites
June 2008
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Ad Metrix
Publisher Site Total Display Ad Views (MM) Share of Display Ads Advertising Exposed Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet 329,828 100.0 180,571
Fox Interactive Media 52,288 15.9 83,714
Yahoo! Sites 34,675 10.5 130,680
AOL LLC 19,004 5.8 96,512
Microsoft Sites 15,485 4.7 87,667
Google Sites 5,075 1.5 81,885
FACEBOOK.COM 3,650 1.1 30,723
eBay 3,512 1.1 52,238
Viacom Digital 3,114 0.9 36,382
COMCAST.NET 2,644 0.8 11,860
Glam Media 2,237 0.7 33,462

Microsoft Ranks as Top Display Advertiser in June

Microsoft was the top display advertiser in June with 5.5 billion display ad views, due in large part to its promotional campaign for Windows Live Search, including ads for Windows Live Search Club games and the new Windows Live Search cashback program. The University of Phoenix, an online university, ranked second with 4.7 billion, followed by Experian (4 billion), which advertises for a variety of sites including LowerMyBills.com and FreeCreditReport.com, and United Online (3.9 billion), which owns the heavily advertised Classmates.com. Several communications providers ranked among the top ten, including Verizon with 3.8 billion, AT&T with3.8 billion, Deutsche Telekom (which owns T-Mobile) with 3.6 billion and Vonage with 3.4 billion.

Top Online Display Advertisers
June 2008
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Ad Metrix
Advertiser Total Display Ad Views (MM) Share of Display Ads Advertising Exposed Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet 329,828 100.0 180,571
Microsoft 5,529 1.7 126,367
University of Phoenix 4,722 1.4 120,475
Experian Interactive 3,968 1.2 137,915
United Online, Inc 3,929 1.2 136,329
Verizon 3,818 1.2 130,839
AT&T, Inc. 3,802 1.2 134,341
Deutsche Telekom 3,594 1.1 129,951
Vonage 3,368 1.0 132,964
Netflix 3,146 1.0 134,554
Ask Network 2,852 0.9 102,565

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