diciembre 14, 2012

Search Insider Summit

Search Insider Summit

The winter Summit will take place in the country's most beautiful and renowned skiing resort, Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, at the opening week of the ski season. Whether you are a hardcore skier or not, you will enjoy the fresh air, the stunning views, the hot chocolate by the cozy fire pit, the lavishing parties, the abundant options of adventurous, relaxing or exhilarating activities, and most importantly, the knowledgable industry professionals and great companies you'll have the pleasure doing business with in the year(s) to come.

Localidad: Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, United States


Eli Goodman, Media Evangelist, comScore, Inc.
14 diciembre 8:45 am - 9:15 am Añadir a mi calendario 14-12-2012 08:45:00 14-12-2012 09:15:00 America/Anchorage Search Insider Summit - The Future of Digital Media Measurement Eli Goodman, Media Evangelist, comScore, Inc. - The Future of Digital Media Measurement Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, UT, United States comScore events@comscore.com false DD/MM/YYYY
The Future of Digital Media Measurement

Measuring data across screens, channels and emerging technologies provides clues into the future of digital media management and attribution that will fuel growth in online search marketing, even more than the abundance of bits and bytes. Understanding the latest approaches, research and techniques for measuring and analyzing data, as well as acting on these insights becomes the key to success. Join us as comScore Media Evangelist Eli Goodman analyzes the evolution of digital media measurement to help marketers understand and identify metrics for the future.

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