Third-Party Accreditation, Certification and Review

comScore is committed to providing the market with transparency into the methods, methodologies, practices and techniques we use in our measurement. To do so, we continuously engage with third-party auditors around the world to prove the soundness of our measurement methods.

See below for many of our accreditations and certifications, as well as the status of our in-progress third-party reviews.

United States

Media Rating Council

comScore Direct, Accredited for Census Page measurement and reporting, robotic filtration, multi-event traffic, estimated auto-refresh (2011). Accredited for Total and Filtered Unique Cookies (2014).

MMX, Accredited for all metrics, including Pages, Unique Visitors, Duration and their derivatives (2016).

vCE Validation, Accredited for Display Viewability, Brand Safety, In-Geo (US/Non-US), Invalid Traffic Detection (2012). (As of 2014, extended to reflect net reporting reflective of advanced non-human traffic filtration). Accredited for Total 2+ Population GRPs and Daily Unique Cookies (2013). Accreditation extended to Video Viewability (2015).

vCE Audience 2.0, Accredited for Digital Campaign Age, Gender, Behavior-Based Ethnicity Demographics, and the resulting Reach, Frequency and GRPs (2016).

Audits In-Progress:

vCE Mobile Viewability (Display/Video), Review in progress.

Sophisticated IVT, Review in Progress.

Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG)

comScore is certified as a Validated Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP) through the TAG Anti-Piracy Program.

United Kingdom


Audit Bureau of Circulations

comScore Direct, Design Effectiveness Review completed (2012). Certification audits received since (2013).

vCE Content Verification, Certified since (2013) (Brand Safety/Alerting and Blocking Functionality).

vCE Viewability, Certified for Display since (2014).


UK Online Measurement

MMX, Approved (2012).

MMX MP, Approved (2012).

Mobile Metrix, Development Endorsement.

Video Metrix, Approved (2012).




Audited Media Association of Australia

Digital Analytix, Chosen as the analytics platform of the AMAA audited website measurement service (2013).



Le Centre d’Étude des Supports de Publicité

MMX, Audit succesfully completed (2014).

vCE Validation, Review in progress. 

vCE Audience 2.0, Review in progress.



Malaysian Digital Association

comScore appointed as the Official Internet Audience Measurement currency for Malaysia (2013).



Consejo de Investigación de Medios
In collaboration with the Media Rating Council

vCE Validation, Successfully audited for Display Viewability, Brand Safety, In-Geo, Invalid Traffic Detection (net reporting reflective of advanced non-human traffic filtration) and Daily Unique Cookies (2014). 


Audits In-Progress:

vCE Validation Video Viewability, Audit in progress.

Enumeration Survey, Review now in progress (w/ COTAE).


Stichting KijkOnderzoek

comScore chosen for daily measurement of online video consumption as part of the national JIC for the Netherlands (2011).



Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación

Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación

MMX, Audited regularly as part of an ongoing commitment to the JIC for Spain (2012). MMX Multiplatform audited (2014). Mobile Metrix audited (2015).

OJD Interactiva

OJD Interactiva

comScore Direct, Certified (2012).



Mediamätning i Skandinavien

comScore chosen for daily measurement of online video consumption as part of the national JIC for Sweden (2011).


For additional information on the status of our industry audits, please contact your comScore representative or email