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novembre 3, 2011

6 of the 10 Fastest Broadband Markets Are in the East Coast

Par: Adam Lella
In Q2 2011, comScore's speed tests showed that over 65% of broadband connected homes across the United States achieved average download speeds at or above the 4 Mbit broadband speed definition set by the Federal Communications Commission in June 2010.

Despite this, there was a clear divide in the average speeds achieved by census region, as the average achieved household speeds across the East coast skewed faster than the rest of the United States. Six of the top ten fastest markets were in the Eastern census regions, including Washington, DC, Boston, and Philadelphia. Larger markets of 1 million broadband subscribers and more were likely to exhibit faster average speeds overall as well. This wasn’t always the case, however, as Providence, which has approximately 700,000 broadband subscribers, was recorded as the fastest market across the U.S.
Markets with the fastest speeds were dominated by cable and fiber connections, whereas slower markets typically had a majority of DSL, satellite and wireless connections, which typically do not surpass the 4 Mbit download speeds.

6 of the 10 Fastest Broadband Markets Are in the East Coast

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