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comScore Releases 2012 U.S. Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released its 2012 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report, which provides a detailed analysis of overall industry trends in 2011 and the attitudes and intentions of consumers shopping for auto insurance online. In addition, the study reports on the volume of online quote requests and highlights customer preferences... En savoir plus

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2012 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

comScore’s 2012 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report provides a detailed analysis of the industry landscape, along with the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of consumers shopping and purchasing auto insurance policies online. The report focuses on insights into the competitive landscape of the online auto insurance acquisition market and is... En savoir plus

Data Gem juin. 14, 2012 | Share

1 in 4 Internet Users Access Banking Sites Globally

Growth of Online Banking Sites

Globally, 423.5 million people accessed online banking sites during April 2012, reaching 28.7 percent of the internet audience. The global reach of banking sites such as Bank of America grew by 2.9 percentage points over the past year. Over 45 percent of the internet audience in North America accessed bank sites, an increase of 1.2 percentage points,... En savoir plus

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DIY U.S. Online Tax Prep Filings Up 11 Percent vs. Year Ago

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today released an analysis of the Online Tax Preparation segment for the tax season ending April 18, 2012, which showed that the volume of tax returns or units filed online grew 11 percent from the previous year. Among online do-it-yourself (DIY) tax preparation providers, comScore data showed that Intuit continued to... En savoir plus

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U.S. Bill Pay Activity Grows But Remains Fragmented


Nearly 66 percent of financial customers reported using online bill pay in early 2011, showing a 2-percent increase from 2010. Among these customers, many have not consolidated their bill pay use at a single institution. Individually, banking sites continue to attract the highest percentage of bill pay use, followed by credit card sites, and third party... En savoir plus

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Mobile Banking App Usage Increases Dramatically in 2011

Mobile Banking App Usage

In Q2 2011, 16 percent of the total U.S. mobile audience age 13+ reported using their mobile devices for accessing financial information or carrying out a financial transaction. While browser usage continues to be the dominant channel for banking services on a mobile device, app usage has seen a dramatic increase in the previous year - largely due to... En savoir plus

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LinkedIn Financial Customers More Affluent than Facebook Users

Income Distribution of Financial Customers

A demographic analysis of financial customers who use social media reveals that a greater percentage of visitors to LinkedIn show higher incomes than visitors to Facebook. In Q3 2011, nearly 40 percent of LinkedIn users among financial customers earned an annual income of more than $100K, compared to only 31 percent for Facebook visitors. Furthermore,... En savoir plus

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Who Visits Personal Financial Management Sites?

Demographics of PFM Visitors and DDA Customers

As the use of personal financial management (PFM) sites such as has grown, financial institutions have been trying to understand their customers’ use of these tools. A look into the demographics of demand deposit account (DDA) holders* who visit PFM tools reveal that these visitors tend to have higher incomes and better risk scores than DDA... En savoir plus

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Online Credit Card Acquisition Market Grows 31% From Previous Year

Online Credit Card Acquisition Market Grows

The online credit card acquisition market has seen a strong rebound since a sharp decline in Q1 2011, as the volume of submitted applications in Q3 2011 surpassed the highest application volume since Q4 2008. The percentage of prime applicants applying has decreased by 3 points each quarter since the rebound after Q1 2011, which may indicate that issuers... En savoir plus

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The comScore Data Passport - Second Half 2011

From emerging markets to converging media, comScore digital business analytics provide clarity in a connected world. This data passport offers a brief glimpse into the vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal. En savoir plus