Serge Matta talks to BeetTV about the partnership between comScore and Google

13 fév - Serge Matta, President of comScore, gives an overview of the comScore/Google partnership and its implications for the digital industry.

The Evolution of Digital Advertising
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Camera Content Drives Surge Among ‘Mobile-First’ Social Networks in the U.S.

Camera Content Drives Surge Among ‘Mobile-First’ Social Networks in the U.S.

27 avr - Local Search Association Conference

comScore Chairman Emeritus and Co-Founder, Gian Fulgoni, is the keynote speaker, delivering an address on the state of the local search market in relation to the multi-platform consumer boom.
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12 mai - Forum: Fiserv Client Conference

comScore will present new research focusing on how the digital omnivore engages with financial institutions, banks and online spend in an increasingly mobile world. Not all mobile interactions are created equal, and this session will help describe the differences between tablet and smartphone as well as mobile web and mobile applications to help FIs better position their mobile solutions.
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Battle of the Browsers: Impacting Search Share

This past week I decided to download the newly released Firefox 4 web browser, which featured several noticeable improvements over previous versions. As someone who lives and breathes search every day, my eyes were immediately draw to the new look of the search bar in the top right hand corner of the browser. While it defaulted to Google search, there... En savoir plus

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Q&A Search: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How

A search query, in its essence, is a question requiring an answer. Fortunately the search engines are intelligent enough to find us what we need with most any query, but some inquiries require more specification than just a term. Searchers use modifiers to fish for greater accuracy with their terms all the time, the proverbial long tail, of course.... En savoir plus

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Weather Forecast? Don’t know, check Google...

In December 2010, about 85 million internet users visited Weather websites, representing more than 40% of the US online population. Considering this does not even include those getting their weather from other internet driven sources (apps on their desktops/cell phones, blended search results on SERPs, ski/surf reports, etc), that’s quite a considerable... En savoir plus

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Ham Wars: How Search Impacts Your Dinner Table

Impulse decisions aside, grocery shoppers tend to be an informed (and often thrifty) bunch who turn to the Internet in increasing numbers to research and prep for their trip to the store. comScore's latest search data sheds some light on how consumers and manufacturers are making the most of search with this ubiquitous consumer behavior. En savoir plus

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What Role Should the Government Play in Our (Searching) Lives?

Last Tuesday was Election Day (I voted, I promise!) in the U.S. One of the most prevalent themes on the campaign trail this year was the size and role of the federal government. All of the recent coverage got me thinking about how, even though many Americans would like to see government play a more limited role, it has always served an important function... En savoir plus

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Universal Search: Not All Blends are Created Equal

Universal search - or blended search - has been an integrated part of the search experience since 2007. Heralded at the time as a revolution for searchers and marketers alike, the ensuing popularity has led to virtually every search engine today delivering blended results. What originally began as simple weather updates and celebrity image results has... En savoir plus

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Navigational Search: Turn Right at the Big Chicken

How often are searchers searching not only for your brand name, but your actual web address? Should you bid on it (given that you will already be the top organic listing)? Is it worth the money? Are your competitors bidding on your address? Do searchers actually do this? Let's look at the data. En savoir plus

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How Search is Making us Smarter

While these Google Doodles have perhaps a unique ability to drive these searches, they represent only a tiny fraction of all the new educational information to which search exposes us – both directly and indirectly – every day. Search clearly has an important role in how we gather information, become more educated, and nurture our collective curiosity... En savoir plus

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What History Tells Us About Facebook’s Potential as a Search Engine

The number of searches conducted on Facebook has been surging over the past year, more than doubling to 647 Million searches in the US as of March. While their numbers still pale in comparison to the 10.5 billion searches generated on Google during the same month, Facebook’s footprint in search is significant enough that many in the search community... En savoir plus

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The Relaunch of Syfy: When Search Shapes the Brand

How do you define a "brand?" Traditionally when you think of a brand, you might envision a logo, a sponsorship, perhaps even an ad campaign. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers... En savoir plus

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