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Unlocking App Audiences: The role of content and demographics in platform selection

The disruption and expansion that smartphones and tablets have brought to digital media consumption is well documented, with mobile devices generating new access opportunities throughout consumers’ days. Lesen Sie mehr

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Measurement of Fraudulent Traffic Must be Stricter

Measurement of Fraudulent Traffic Must be Stricter

As much as 40% of digital video campaigns can be originating from non-human or fake traffic, says Anne Hunter in an interview with Beet.TV. View

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Which Social Networks Have the Most Engaged Audience?

Multi-Platform Audience Penetration vs. Engagement of Leading Social Networks

Last week comScore released the 2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus, our annual report highlighting the key digital trends of 2014 with an eye towards what they mean for the coming year. Social media remains one of the paramount digital topics, as leading platforms continue to attract huge audiences and account for an increasingly large share of consumers’... Lesen Sie mehr

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comScore Ranks Top UK Digital Media Properties for February 2015

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its monthly report on the state of the digital landscape in the UK, based on data from the comScore MMX, MMX Multi-Platform, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix services. More than 47.6 million UK unique visitors accessed the Internet in February 2015 across desktop and... Lesen Sie mehr

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UK Digital Market Overview February 2015

UK Digital Market Overview February 2015

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends. In February 2015, 47.6 million users accessed the internet via their desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. Google Sites is top multi-platform destination while SKY and BBC see largest share of mobile only users. Health Properties like Meredith Digital, EMIS and SheKnows Media show highest skews amongst... Lesen Sie mehr

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Uber, Lyft and Tinder Headline List of Fast Rising Apps of 2014

Y/Y Unique Visitor Growth of Selected Fast Rising Mobile Apps

Last week comScore released our annual U.S. Digital Future in Focus report, highlighting the key trends in digital for 2014 with an eye towards what they mean for the coming year. If there continues to be a prevailing theme in digital it is the increasing influence of mobile, and more specifically of mobile apps. Last year, in fact, mobile apps came... Lesen Sie mehr

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What's New in Digital Branded Content

What's New in Digital Branded Content

What's new in the world of branded content and, most important, how do you measure it accurately? Gian Fulgoni recently presented at the BCON EXPO to discuss consumers' ever-changing content consumption habits, why and what they share, and how brands can better measure the impact of branded content. Lesen Sie mehr

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2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus

2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus

This annual landmark report explores how the prevailing trends in in web usage, multi-platform engagement, online video, and digital advertising are shaping the Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead. Lesen Sie mehr

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Unlocking Programmatic’s Potential

Unlocking Programmatic's Potential

This presentation, shared at the VIP event: Delivering Trust in Programmatic in Madrid, highlights comScore’s solution for trusted programmatic transactions of quality advertising. Lesen Sie mehr

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U.S. Display Ad Viewability Rates Won’t Budge, Still at 46% in 2014

Percentage of Viewable Ad Impressions US

Ensuring that online ads are viewable has become a rallying cry for advertisers and publishers have been working hard to improve their inventory on this dimension. Website design and inventory placement are being tested and optimized to make sure their ads are likely to be in-view. Despite their best efforts, display ad viewability rates did not budge... Lesen Sie mehr