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Data Gem Jul. 19, 2011 | Share

LinkedIn Assumes #2 Spot among U.S. Social Networking Sites


In June 2011, LinkedIn captured the #2 spot among social networking sites in the U.S., inching past MySpace after a year of 63 percent growth. While Facebook still commands the top spot on the chart, it saw a healthy 14 percent increase versus June 2010. Twitter is not backing down from the race either, up 31 percent year over year, while Tumblr showed... Lesen Sie mehr

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Social SEO – Facebook & Twitter Best Practices

Optimizing your social presence for search is important, right? That is certainly what we've all been told for some time, but determining why it's important and deciding where to focus can be challenging. Exponential growth of a medium is great and all, but your problems figuring out how to tame the wild beast tend to grow exponentially as well. Let's... Lesen Sie mehr

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Google Reaches 1 Billion Global Visitors

Top 5 Global Web Properties

In May 2011, Google Sites became the first web property to surpass 1 billion unique visitors globally. In the past year, Google Sites has seen its audience grow 8% to eclipse the 1 billion threshold. Microsoft Sites was the second largest global web property in May reaching more than 905 million visitors, followed by with 713.6 million... Lesen Sie mehr

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The Network Effect: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Tumblr Reach New Heights in May

With each passing month it seems that social networking becomes more deeply ingrained into our digital lives. If we take a look back at the past few years we can see just how pervasive it has become. Back in 2007, social networking represented about 1 out of every 12 minutes spent online, while today it accounts for 1 out of every 6 minutes. Lesen Sie mehr

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Google Most Popular Incoming Traffic Source Worldwide for The New York Times

In January 2011, Google sites were the most popular incoming traffic source worldwide for The New York Times brand. 17.5% of the NYT visitors entered via one of Google's sites, followed by Yahoo! sites with 8.1% and Social Networking site with 5.7%. Lesen Sie mehr

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Top Facebook Markets by Percent Reach

A look at the top global markets for by percent reach of unique online visitors found that the Philippines ranked as the top market with nearly 93% of its online population visiting during February 2011. Israel and Turkey followed both seeing more than 89% of their web populations frequenting the social networking site during... Lesen Sie mehr

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Facebook and Twitter –Most European Users Between 15-24 Years Old

Facebook and Twitter –Most European Users Between 15-24 Years Old

The profile of social networking users in Europe reveals an audience that generally skews younger, with 15-24 year olds representing 25.3 percent of users, followed closely by 25-34 year olds at 24.3 percent. While the breakdown of European visitors to Facebook and Twitter mirrors that of social networking site users in general, LinkedIn has an older... Lesen Sie mehr

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The Top 10 Digital Media Trends of 2010

comScore just released our annual U.S. Digital Year in Review report, which does a deep dive on key digital media trends of the year. 2010 was another great year for the digital media world, as we not only saw the industry claw its way back from the recession but through continued innovation it managed to expand and attract more consumer and advertising... Lesen Sie mehr

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U.S. Demographic Profiles at Facebook and Twitter

U.S. Demographic Profiles at Facebook and Twitter

The comScore 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review is now available for download. Facebook saw its share of visitors between the ages of 35-54 decline 3.6 percentage points to 35.4 percent, while the share of visitors under 18 (up 1.2 points to 11.1 percent) and age 55 and older (up 1.9 points to 13.2 percent) made the biggest gains., meanwhile,... Lesen Sie mehr

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Sneak Peak: 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review

Top 5 Web Properties US Dec 2009 - Dec 2010

In 2010, Facebook surpassed each of the top three largest web properties for share of time spent, capturing the #1 ranking in August 2010. Facebook now accounts for 12.3 percent of time spent online in the U.S., up from 7.2 percent a year ago. Lesen Sie mehr