19. Mai - 22. Mai 2014

Future of Consumer Intelligence; The Convergence of Technology, Social, and Marketing Sciences, and the Humanization of Data

Understanding PEOPLE (i.e. not shoppers, not consumers, not respondents) – but people – across platforms and touch-points in an increasingly interconnected world threaded together with always-on technology, presents an opportunity for you to know people more deeply – and take strategic action.

Technology is the central driving force amongst the foremost mega and macro trends across industries. It’s advancing at such a rapid pace it is not only changing how we do things but changing how we understand the world, business, and people.

The event emphasizes strategy and action planning that has helped drive business. Translating the new “understanding” into future opportunities means that the role of a researcher is changing.

We must explore how more meaningful insights can be generated through new tools & technology. This event accelerates disruptive innovators in the research space and pushes people to take risks, to think outside of traditional research methods and insights gathering and explore new and alternative tools and technologies. FOCI will bridge the gap between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do.

der Ort: Sheraton Universal, Universal City, United States
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