Juni 11, 2014

RTB Insider Summit

RTB Insider Summit

Programmatic platforms have grown well beyond their early roots in real-time bidding on remnant inventory. Programmatic 2.0 is about data-driven and automated precision at all levels of digital advertising and marketing, from richer direct response to more targeted premium display and video. It is not just about bidding but about richer data targeting of the consumer journey that can render a 360-degree view for every display, social, mobile and video channel. At MediaPost's inaugural summit on all things programmatic we upgrade the conversation.

It is time to talk about leveraging all that data the online systems are generating. Let's decide how to improve creative and how to supply higher quality sources of trusted inventory.

The first stage of this robot revolution was sold on cost, speed and the elimination of waste.

The next version is about how programmatic platforms can improve all marketing.

At the first MediaPost RTB Insider Summit we explore whether and how the new machine makes better advertising and better marketers. We know tons of data is going into the targeting mechanisms, but can we extract from the process more insight about the customer and the consumer journey? How finely are we targeting these ads – no, really?

Session Type: Panel
der Ort: Kiawah Island Golf Resort Kiawah Island, SC, United States


Steve Dennen, VP Business Development, comScore, Inc.
13 Juni 11:15 am - 12:00 pm In Kalender eintragen 13-06-2014 11:15:00 13-06-2014 12:00:00 America/Denver RTB Insider Summit - Fraud, Viewability, Clutter – Oh, My! Steve Dennen, VP Business Development, comScore, Inc. - Fraud, Viewability, Clutter – Oh, My! Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah Island, SC, United States comScore false DD/MM/YYYY
Fraud, Viewability, Clutter – Oh, My!

This Web needs an enema. Along with targeting and ad buying, automation has also helped bundle bots, viewable impression tricks, hidden ads and gaming techniques that have exploded estimates of fraud in the system. Has the programmatic ad economy answered the fraud challenge with smarter tech? Or are we engaged in a never-ending and expensive war where all fixes get gamed, where waste and fraud are just factored into the cost of business?

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