MMX Multi-Platform

MMX® Multi-Platform

The Most Comprehensive Digital Audience
Measurement and Media Planning Solution

Knowing the size of your website’s audience simply isn’t sufficient in today’s fragmented, multi-platform digital media environment. MMX Multi-Platform provides the industry’s first comprehensive view of digital consumer behavior across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Advertisers, agencies and publishers have long relied on MMX® as the standard currency for online measurement. MMX Multi-Platform is not just an evolution of this industry-leading measurement platform that accounts for the increasingly important media channels of smartphones and tablets, but is also a revolution in terms of the detailed new insights clients can leverage to optimize their digital strategies.

MMX Multi-Platform offers comprehensive reporting on more than 300,000 digital media entities, including their un-duplicated audience size, demographic composition, engagement, performance within key user segments and behavioral trends. All of these metrics can be compared across digital media platforms and can be used to understand incremental activity coming from each platform.

MMX Multi-Platform leverages comScore’s existing digital media planning currency and expands its benefits to provide important multi-platform insights that better reflect the state of digital consumer behavior today.

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