Subscriber Analytix Marketing

Subscriber Analytix™


Translate Subscriber Data
into Metrics that Matter for Marketing

Subscriber Analytix Marketing transforms network data into insights about subscriber interests and behaviors for operators to make business decisions that drive demand and increase ARPU from improved product and service offerings.

Subscriber Analytix Marketing is a subscriber profiling and segmentation engine that correlates subscriber, call, device, application and network data and enriches this with comScore’s web, app and device dictionaries to build segments that provide operators with a powerful decision making platform used to retain subscribers, optimize tariff plans, create upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and convert prepaid users, allowing carriers to capture value from subscriber big data.

Operators that Deploy Subscriber Analytix Marketing:

  • Acquire new customers by creating targets based on behavior and segmentation analysis from current customers
  • Improve ARPU margins by creating upsell offers for new products and services
  • Reduce churn by improving customer experience

Subscriber Analytix Marketing Capabilities Include:

  • Customer Interest Analysis
  • Audience Measurement & Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Efficiency
  • Tariff Plan & Device Portfolio Optimization
  • Device Performance
  • App Downloads and Usage Reports
  • Short and Long-term Market Trends
  • Customer Traffic and Mobility
  • Strategic Market Planning

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