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Whitepaper Ago. 14, 2012 | Share

The Economics of Online Advertising

The Economics of Online Advertising

The industry is abuzz about viewable impressions and what a viewable impression currency would mean for the digital and multi-platform advertising industry. Read more

Press Release Ago. 10, 2012 | Share

VivaKi Nerve Center and comScore Develop Custom Partnership to Deliver Ad Viewability Metrics to Clients

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) and the VivaKi Nerve Center today announced they will integrate a custom offering of comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) solution Audience On Demand™ (AOD). Through this partnership, AOD will be the first addressable media buying practice to incorporate comScore’s viewability data on a “pre-bid”... Read more

Data Gem Ago. 7, 2012 | Share

Day 8: comScore at the Games

Day 8: comScore at the Games Read more

Press Release Ago. 2, 2012 | Share

comScore Validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE) Receives MRC Accreditation for Online Campaign Validation

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced that it has received accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for the validation suite in comScore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE), which includes viewability, brand safety, in-country geographic delivery, engagement, and removal of non-human traffic. comScore’s unique solution combines... Read more

Blog Ago. 2, 2012 | Share

MRC Accredits comScore vCE Validation, Including Cross-Domain iFrame Measurement

Today comScore announced that the validation component of validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE™) has received MRC accreditation. vCE is the first and only service to have been audited and accredited under the IAB’s new Ad Verification Guidelines. Read more

Presentation Lug. 24, 2012 | Share

The Path to Scarcity

In the current online advertising ecosystem, when it comes to digital impressions, constraints are virtually non-existent. There is no scarcity, and ad prices are declining. With the industry abuzz about the emerging ‘viewable impression currency’, how will it impact the Internet economy? How do these latest developments impact what has traditionally... Read more

Data Gem Lug. 19, 2012 | Share

ASOS Experiences the Facebook Effect

Using paid media to leverage the potential of earned properties such as the Facebook Brand Page yields positive ROI. Read more

Video Lug. 15, 2012 | Share

Gian Fulgoni on comScore's “Viewability” Tool

Gian Fulgoni on comScore's “Viewability” Tool.

Gian Fulgoni, co-founder and executive chairman of comScore Inc., on comScore's “Viewability” Tool. View

Presentation Giu. 27, 2012 | Share

What's Driving DTC Ad Effectiveness in 2012?

A comprehensive analysis of more than 200 DTC campaigns tested by comScore, showing a monumental shift in the drivers of effective DTC advertising over the last three years. Read more

Blog Giu. 7, 2012 | Share

It’s Time to Change the Discussion on Measuring Facebook Effectiveness

comScore is preparing to publish new findings about the effectiveness of paid and earned media exposure on Facebook next week at the ARF Audience Measurement 7.0 conference in New York, along with our release of a new white paper, The Power of Like 2: How Social Marketing Works. Read more