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presentazione Apr. 17, 2014 | Share Multi-Platform Measurement in Russia

Multi-Platform Measurement in Russia

In this Russian presentation Owen West, comScore Vice President describes the importance of media planning for consumers on multiple devices. Leggi di più

Tag: Mobile, Multi-Platform

presentazione Apr. 16, 2014 | Share The Evolution of Digital Advertising

The Evolution of Digital Advertising

Lessons Learned: The Evolution of Digital Advertising from Direct Response to Branding. Digital advertising has evolved tremendously with the advent of new technologies and learnings. Its goal today is not just to elicit a direct response action but to also generate feelings, emotions and perceptions that ultimately build brand awareness and loyalty... Leggi di più

Di: Gian Fulgoni Tag: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Audience Measurement, Marketing Research, Multi-Platform

presentazione Apr. 15, 2014 | Share

Qualifying and Personifying Big Data for Business Decisions

Magid Abraham gives real examples and insight into the revolutionary enterprise analytics solution that is transforming modern business. Leggi di più

Di: Magid M. Abraham, Ph.D. Tag: Ad Validation, Audience Measurement, Big Data, Marketing Research, Web Analytics

presentazione Apr. 14, 2014 | Share The Evolution of Digital Advertising

comScore Day Italia

Il comScore Day Italia è stato un vero successo: L’incontro è stato l’occasione per illustrare l’innovation roadmap di comScore in Italia sul fronte delle soluzioni di validazione dell’advertising online e delle misurazioni sala eravamo oltre 130 partecipanti. Leggi di più

Di: Gian Fulgoni Tag: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Multi-Platform

presentazione Apr. 9, 2014 | Share

Trends Shaping Local Search in 2014

In this presentation, comScore, 15Miles, and Neustar discuss key insights from the 7th annual Local Search Study. Learn how to create a positive online experience for potential customers, driving in-store and online purchases. Leggi di più

Tag: Local, Cerca

presentazione Apr. 9, 2014 | Share Online Campaign Optimisation and Validation

German Webinar: Online Campaign Optimisation and Validation

This webinar, presented in German by Peter Bernschneider, provided insights into how advertisers and agencies can leverage comScore vCE to optimise and validate their online campaigns. Leggi di più

Di: Peter Bernschneider Tag: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Viewability

presentazione Apr. 7, 2014 | Share

Video Metrix® Launch in Colombia

In this presentation, comScore Senior Product Manager Dan Piech provides insight into digital video consumption in Colombia using comScore Video Metrix®, a new video measurement service in Colombia. Leggi di più

Di: Dan Piech Tag: Video

Libro bianco Apr. 2, 2014 | Share 2014 US Digital Future in Focus

2014 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

2013 was another watershed year in the life of digital, marked by transformative changes in how people interacted with technology, how content evolved the new media paradigm, and how businesses developed through digital advertising and commerce. In this whitepaper, we will examine how today’s digital media landscape has changed over the past few years... Leggi di più

Di: Adam Lella, Andrew Lipsman, Kate Dreyer Tag: Advertising, e-Commerce, Mobile, Multi-Platform, Cerca, Social, Video

Libro bianco Mar. 31, 2014 | Share 2014 Canada Future in Focus

2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus

comScore presents the 2014 Canada Digital Future in Focus, our annual report on how the prevailing trends in web usage, online video, digital advertising, mobile, social media and e-commerce are defining the current Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead. Leggi di più

Di: Kevin Duong Tag: Advertising, Mobile, Multi-Platform, Cerca, Video

presentazione Mar. 26, 2014 | Share

Bonnes Pratiques: de nouvelles perspectives pour la publicité digitale

Strategies, media reference in France for communications, marketing and medias, organized a conference to address all digital issues advertisers are facing from an organizational, behavioral or technological point of view. Leggi di più

Tag: Advertising, Programmatic Buying, Viewability

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