To identify, analyze and understand key trends in the global digital marketplace, the investment community needs detailed and consistent reporting to support their investment decisions

comScore Investment Research Solutions empower the world’s leading equity analysts, investment bankers, hedge fund managers, venture capitalists and brokers to make important investment decisions that matter most to their business.

Investment Research leaders need fast and accurate insights to:

  • Gain Insight for Investment Analysis - comScore offers a multitude of relevant data points required for sound investment analysis. Investment clients leverage these insights to identify new opportunities, uncover emerging areas of growth and support their investment decisions.
  • Identify Key Digital Trends - Gain a complete understanding of website traffic and search trends. Obtain clear insight into online advertising spending patterns, e-commerce activity and mobile usage. Working closely with comScore analysts, you can identify key industry players, understand the competitive landscape and pinpoint which companies are gaining or losing market share.
  • Monitor e-Commerce Trends - Gain a comprehensive view into online consumer spending and better understand sales patterns. comScore e-Commerce Measurement provides clients with the most timely and accurate understanding of the trends in online shopping and spending.
  • Understand the Digital Advertising Landscape - comScore provides detailed information regarding the number of online ad impressions served and related costs and revenue – classified by advertiser and publisher. Using these data, analysts are better able to understand aggregate and site-specific trends in online ad revenue.

We can help. comScore has been helping Investment Research companies for over a decade through:

Unparalleled Accuracy
Leverage the power of comScore's Mobile and PC Internet user panels to understand consumers' online behavior

Advanced Classification
Gain access to the most detailed and consistent reporting structure available for online media

Consultative Approach
Partner with comScore Analysts who have a profound understanding of the online industry and extensive financial services expertise

Timely Insights
Receive weekly and monthly data, including e-commerce insights, available in advance of the U.S. Department of Commerce reports


Media Metrix

Media Metrix® 製品スイートは、オンライン・メディア・プラニング、購買および分析ツールの包括的なセットで、最も好まれるオーディエンス測定サービスを表しています。

e-Commerce Measurement

comScore e-Commerce Measurement は、消費者のオンライン・ショッピングおよび支出行動様式の業界標準、最も正確、そしてタイムリーな、総合的ビューです。

Mobile Metrix 2.0

comScore Mobile Metrix® は、モバイル・デバイスの実際の消費者行動様式の直接および継続的モニタリングを行い、モバイル・ウェブ・ブラウジングで前例のないインサイトを提供します。


comScore qSearch™ は、38 ヶ国の個別の国と全世界の 200 近くもの検索プロパティでの消費者の検索行動様式をキャプチャし、消費者検索アクティビティの全般にわたって測定します。