Managing all of your company’s digital data can seem overwhelming. Many companies have multiple platforms, disparate data sources and tools that restrict analysis and decisions rather than enabling them.


But a successful media future requires a data infrastructure built on getting fast, accurate, granular, and actionable information. Enter comScore Digital Analytix® Multi-Platform, the best-in-class business analytics solution that gives you the power to measure your customers’ multi-platform digital behavior, make smarter decisions and increase customer retention and revenue growth – all while reducing costs.

  1. Optimize the Customer Journey: Understand the complete customer journey from acquisition through conversion, and from repeat usage to long-term loyalty.
  2. Retain Customers and Drive Loyalty: Know more about the customer journey in order to attract and retain customers, ultimately increasing revenue.
  3. Share Detailed Information with Advertisers and Partners: Provide a variety of insights to both publishers and partners so that messages are delivered to customers in the right place at the right time.

Digital Analytix seamlessly integrates any type of structured online or offline data, from web analytics and content management systems to point of sale records and internet-connected gaming consoles.

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