Subscriber Analytix Care

Subscriber Analytix™


Mobile operators worldwide continue to look for new ways to enhance the subscriber experience by providing higher quality products and services.  As digital devices continue to generate more and more traffic volume, operators are hungry to measure Quality of Service (QoS) across all types of voice and data services (Instant Messaging, VoIP, Video, Social, Email, etc.).

Subscriber Analytix Care captures and calculates QoS by service type so that Care can quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve service issues – all leading to reduced cost per interaction, reduced churn, and an improved subscriber experience.

The Subscriber Analytix Care module ingests data from network elements and probes to provide real-time insight into the Quality of Service (QoS) experienced by subscribers for both voice and data services.  Because of comScore’s decades of experience in categorizing, distilling, reporting, and predicting digital behavior, Subscriber Analytix Care provides Care teams with a clean view into digital subscriber behavior – all to provide more effective customer service and issue resolution across a wide range of voice and data services.