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White paper ene. 30, 2009 | Share

The 2008 Digital Year in Review

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State of Online Banking

comScore's Online Banking expert, Marc Trudeau, reviews the current State of Online Banking and presents valuable insight into the trends that are shaping ecommerce strategies going forward. Leer más

White paper oct. 1, 2008 | Share

All About iPhone

The iPhone has changed the way the world thinks about communication and personal productivity - email, web browsing, entertainment, mapping, social networking. The range of applications is exhaustive and expanding daily through the iPhone Developer Program. Leer más

White paper jul. 1, 2008 | Share

e-Marketing Effectiveness Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The 2nd Annual e-Marketing Effectiveness Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Industry (2008 Release). Leer más

White paper jun. 6, 2007 | Share

Cookie Deletion Whitepaper

The study addresses the key sources of discrepancy between server-based and panel-based data and reveals that cookie deletion can lead to large overstatements in servers’ measurement of the size of online audiences. Leer más