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White paper nov. 1, 2011 | Share

The comScore Data Passport - Second Half 2011

From emerging markets to converging media, comScore digital business analytics provide clarity in a connected world. This data passport offers a brief glimpse into the vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal. Leer más

White paper oct. 10, 2011 | Share

Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits

Today’s digital environment is rapidly evolving, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content at home, at work and on the go. With smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, consumers have become digital omnivores – not just because of the media they consume, but also in how they consume it. The report analyzes the... Leer más

White paper jul. 26, 2011 | Share

The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing

This white paper offers an in-depth analysis of how social media brand impressions reach Fans and Friends throughout Facebook, as opposed to just on brand Fan pages. The study profiles three major brands – Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and Microsoft Bing – to show the impact of these impressions on Fans and Friends and help illustrate how brands... Leer más

Presentacion jul. 20, 2011 | Share

State of Local Business Search

comScore and the Local Search Association share findings from our State of IYP study focusing on usage and consumer experiences with online and mobile local business search activity. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 8, 2011 | Share

The State of the U.S. Mobile Advertising Industry and What Lies Ahead

Mobile advertising spend is projected to reach $2.5 billion by 2014 in the U.S., presenting advertisers and marketers with an incredible opportunity to attract consumers through this dynamic means of consumer engagement. Leer más

White paper may. 18, 2011 | Share

The 2011 Online Auto Insurance Report

comScore’s 2011 Online Auto Insurance Report is a two-part report that provides a detailed analysis of the industry landscape, along with the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of consumers conducting auto insurance transactions online. The report is based on comScore’s research panel of 1 million U.S. consumers and attitudinal insights gained... Leer más

White paper mar. 7, 2011 | Share

Lessons Learned: Maximizing Returns with Digital Media

As digital advertising continues to grow in both importance and sophistication, so does the need for guiding principles about how to get the most out of this medium. Through comScore’s extensive research in the digital advertising space, we’ve identified Five Key Lessons Learned, which help to shed light on the current state of the industry and... Leer más

White paper feb. 14, 2011 | Share

The 2010 Mobile Year in Review

comScore presents the inaugural Mobile Year in Review report, a look at the top trends in mobile throughout 2010 and their implications for the coming year. The report looks across the U.S., EU5 and Japan, providing insights on the dynamic mobile ecosystem. Leer más

White paper feb. 7, 2011 | Share

The 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review

comScore presents the 2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review, its annual report on the prevailing digital trends of the past year and their implications for the future. The report looks across the digital landscape to highlight the industry’s leading stories of the year. Leer más

Presentacion ene. 27, 2011 | Share

Analysis of Internet Auto Insurance Purchasing Behavior

Over the last decade, insurance companies have become immersed in applications of predictive modeling. One application of predictive modeling that has received a lot of attention but has not been implemented widely as of yet is an analysis of customer conversion, or the likelihood of writing a customer once they contact you and receive a quote. There... Leer más