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Presentacion mar. 30, 2015 | Share

What's New in Digital Branded Content

What's New in Digital Branded Content

What's new in the world of branded content and, most important, how do you measure it accurately? Gian Fulgoni recently presented at the BCON EXPO to discuss consumers' ever-changing content consumption habits, why and what they share, and how brands can better measure the impact of branded content. Leer más

White paper mar. 27, 2015 | Share

2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus

2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus

This annual landmark report explores how the prevailing trends in in web usage, multi-platform engagement, online video, and digital advertising are shaping the Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead. Leer más

Presentacion mar. 27, 2015 | Share

Proporcionando Confianza al Mercado Publicitario

Unlocking Programmatic's Potential

La siguiente presentación describe los desafíos del mercado de compra-venta publicitaria actual y las herramientas que comScore trae al mercado para brindar más confianza y transparencia en las transacciones. Leer más

White paper mar. 26, 2015 | Share

2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

2015 US Digital Future in Focus

The digital world achieved enormous progress in 2014 as several transformative changes shaped how Americans interacted with technology and consumed media. Perhaps more so than at any other time in recent memory, changes were not merely incremental but rather seemed to represent key inflection points in the evolution of various markets and behaviors.... Leer más

Presentacion mar. 26, 2015 | Share

Unlocking Programmatic’s Potential

Unlocking Programmatic's Potential

This presentation, shared at the VIP event: Delivering Trust in Programmatic in Paris, highlights comScore’s solution for trusted programmatic transactions of quality advertising. Leer más

White paper mar. 24, 2015 | Share

Visa Checkout: The Right Choice for Online Retailers

Visa Checkout The Right Choice for Online Retailers

Visa Checkout worked with comScore to discover what consumers want when it comes to their online checkout experience. Leer más

Presentacion mar. 19, 2015 | Share

A Digital Update, By the Numbers

A Digital Update By the Numbers

Download this presentation from our Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Gian Fulgoni, that he presented at the Local Online Advertising Conference in March 2015. Leer más

Presentacion mar. 18, 2015 | Share

Making Online a Safer Place: What Advertisers Need to Know about Non-Human Traffic (NHT)

Non-Human Traffic NHT

Much online brand advertising doesn't reach real viewers as intended. Sometimes it's just not viewable in its entirety, sometimes there is malicious ad fraud at work, and sometimes ads from reputable brands appear adjacent to extremely offensive content. Paul Goode, SVP Marketing and Strategic Partnerships spoke at ISBA's Annual Conference about how... Leer más

White paper mar. 9, 2015 | Share

Value of a Digital Ad: UK

Value of a Digital Ad: UK

The rapid evolution of digital advertising in the last decade has presented increasing complexity in measuring its impact. Leer más

Presentacion mar. 6, 2015 | Share

Unlocking Programmatic’s Potential: Bringing comScore Industry Trust to the UK

Programmatic has seen an unprecedented growth over the past few years. Buyers, sellers and platforms are praising its ability to drive automation, efficiency, and ROI. But the question arising in the industry is whether high quality inventory is being delivered and if it’s keeping at pace with this growth. Leer más