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Presentacion sep. 23, 2016 | Share

Illuminate Your Digital Advertising: Finding Light in Today’s Complexity

In this session, Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising comScore EMEA looks at key issues and real-life examples to provide insights and clarity into tackling today’s challenges and uncovering new opportunities in digital advertising. Leer más

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Targeting the Millennial Generation

Targeting the Millennial Generation

In this presentation, Mike Shaw, VP Sales UK at comScore looks at the targeting and monetisation of the youth audience for news publishers. Leer más

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The 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report

The 2016 US Mobile App Report

Digital media time in the U.S. continues to increase – growing more than 50 percent in the past three years, with nearly 90 percent of that growth directly attributable to the mobile app. Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for two-thirds of digital media... Leer más

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The Digital Dilemma: Ad Fraud, Viewability and Beyond

The Digital Dilemma: Ad Fraud, Viewability and Beyond

When advertisers invest in ad campaigns, what they are looking for is audience, or eyeballs. However, what is bought are actually ad impressions, which are served onto webpages. Were the impressions served to a human, or a bot? Was the ad viewable in the browser window, below-the-fold, or in a tab multiple layers down? These are the topics that the... Leer más

Presentacion sep. 2, 2016 | Share

Internet Overview in Brazil: Mobile, Radio, and Podcasting

Internet Overview in Brazil: Mobile, Radio, and Podcasting

comScore joined the panel about Radio, Internet, Music and Mobile at SET EXPO 2016, the largest event in Latin America focused on broadcast and new media. Leer más

Presentacion ago. 31, 2016 | Share

Proceso de migración al Streaming Tag

El tag de video es remplazado

La industria del video online está en constante evolución por lo que requiere también de métricas cada vez más avanzadas para conocer mejor a las audiencias. Por esta razón, comScore ha desarrollado un nuevo Streaming Tag que permitirá que la medición de sus videos online a través de Video Metrix® pueda ser comparable con las métricas de TV. Leer más

Presentacion ago. 24, 2016 | Share

Local TV Furniture Advertising: Advanced Targeting To Increase Store Traffic

Local TV Furniture Advertising Use Advance Targeting To Increase Store Traffic

This presentation is a must see for local agency media planners and buyers, advertising researchers, and/or in-house Furniture advertisers and their marketing departments. Learn about how comScore’s Furniture shopper behaviors, powered by Simmons/Experian, can help you to create TV schedules with confidence and success. Leer más

Presentacion ago. 22, 2016 | Share

Understanding Malaysia’s Online Audience in 2016

In this session, Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, comScore revealed key insights into the Malaysia online audience. Leer más

Presentacion ago. 16, 2016 | Share

The Data-Based Election Webinar: Shaping Campaigns with TV Audience Insights

The Data Based Webinar Shaping Campaigns with TV Audience Insights

Learn how TV and digital audience information can be effectively employed to efficiently reach and persuade ideal voters. Leer más

White paper jul. 14, 2016 | Share

The Halo Effect: How Advertising on Premium Publishers Drives Higher Ad Effectiveness

The Halo Effect: How Advertising on Premium Publishers Drives Higher Ad Effectiveness

comScore conducted research to examine the branding effectiveness of digital display and video ads appearing on Digital Content Next (DCN) member sites, a group of brand name media generally considered to be “premium publishers,” as compared to other publishers. The research demonstrates that premium publisher do drive higher brand lift effectiveness... Leer más