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Presentacion jun. 24, 2016 | Share

Fail Early and Fail Often: What Data Reveals about Social Success in 2016

Fail Early and Fail Often: What Data Reveals about Social Success in 2016

comScore Social demonstrates key takeaways from our measurement of major brands to help guide you toward social media success. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 20, 2016 | Share

The Value of a Digital Ad

Joris Goossens, VP Sales, Benelux, the Nordics & Russia, comScore looks closer at how to best optimise marketing efforts and connect with todays ‘connected consumer’. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 17, 2016 | Share

How delivery and brand/sales impact can drive digital advertising ROI

In the session, comScore discussed the key challenges preventing digital advertising from realising its full potential and how these challenges can be addressed. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 14, 2016 | Share

Fusión EGM comScore

EGM comScore Data Fusion

Uno de los mayores retos de la publicidad es conocer la contribución de cada soporte a la difusión de nuestras campañas; Con esto en mente, Ipsos y comScore hemos estado trabajando para integrar exitosamente nuestros datos y presentamos al mercado un sistema de medición multiplataforma que permitirá conocer la audiencia conjunta de los medios off... Leer más

Presentacion jun. 13, 2016 | Share

Effectiveness of Online Advertising

Effectiveness of Online Advertising

How far had Ad-blocking spread? During this session, Fabrizio Angelini, CEO Sensemakers and representative for comScore Italy presents issues affecting digital advertising today including ad blocking, ad fraud and viewability and how media buyers can face these challenges to make sure their ads have the chance to make an impact. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 8, 2016 | Share

Home Sweet Digital Home

Home Sweet Digital Home

There was a time when understanding consumer use of the Internet was relatively simple - all we needed to measure was engagement from computers. There were no tablets, no smartphones, no OTT; your thermostat wasn’t a connected device. Today though, computers actually account for a minority share of Internet access. Consumers are using smartphones... Leer más

Presentacion jun. 2, 2016 | Share

Understanding Indonesia Online Audience

Understanding Indonesia Online Audience

Just when we thought we know Indonesians, this keynote revealed to us never-before-seen insights of Indonesia online Audience. Leer más

Presentacion may. 30, 2016 | Share

Решения comScore для прозрачности купли-продажи рекламы в Programmatic

The importance of trust and transparency in the Programmatic

During this session, Sergey Onishenko, Sales Director, Russia & CIS presents around the importance of trust within the programmatic environment and the tools available that comScore can help with the industry to achieve this and improve programmatic ROI. Leer más

Presentacion may. 26, 2016 | Share

Digital Advertising Is Dirty. Can Technology Clean It Up?

Digital Advertising Is Dirty Can Technology Clean It Up

In this presentation, Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising EMEA at comScore reviews current challenges affecting media buyers in digital advertising today. Martin also shared a panel with Chris Le May from DataXu, Pete Robins, agenda21, Keith Moor, Santander and Victoria Eastwood, Financial Times. Leer más

Presentacion may. 25, 2016 | Share

The Value of a Digital Ad: How Delivery and Brand/Sales Effect Can Drive Advertising ROI

The Value of a Digital Ad

This presentation curates insights from comScore and Millward Brown in an overview of both delivery metrics (in-view, fraud-free, brand safe and to a targeted, human audience) and effectiveness measures that identify brand and sales impact. In successfully aligning these components, we will be better positioned to help brands determine true ROI, and... Leer más