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Presentacion jun. 25, 2015 | Share

Lecciones Aprendidas en Publicidad Digital

Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising

Si bien la publicidad ha evolucionado enormemente con la aparición de nuevas tecnologías digitales, la finalidad que tiene hoy en día sigue siendo la misma de siempre: generar sentimientos, emociones, percepciones y acciones que, en última instancia incrementen las ventas y construyan lealtad de marca. Es fundamental encontrar las maneras más eficientes... Leer más

Presentacion jun. 19, 2015 | Share

The Verified Impression – Another “Tech Tax” or the Most Important Aspect of the Digital Mix?

The Verified Impression

In this presentation, Duncan Trigg, Vice President of Advertising Effectiveness, comScore, Inc., shared the importance of transparency of supply, and why comScore’s Industry Trust Initiative offers the framework for enabling trusted transactions of quality advertising between buyers and sellers, across both traditional and programmatic workflows. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 17, 2015 | Share

What Insurers Need to Know to Succeed in an Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

What Insurers Need to Know to Succeed in an Ever-Changing Digital Landscape

Understanding consumer digital behavior and competitor digital strategies has never been more important for insurance companies. In this presentation, Susan Engleson, head of comScore's Insurance Practice, talks about what insurers need to know about the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. Leer más

White paper jun. 16, 2015 | Share

Non-Human Traffic: Why it Matters and Why You Should Care

Non-Human Traffic

You probably already know that ad fraud and non-human traffic (NHT) are real issues. If an ad isn’t reaching a real person, that’s a real problem. But you may not know just how much NHT impacts every other performance and effectiveness metric you use to demonstrate success. If you aren’t taking NHT out of your measurement – including your viewability... Leer más

Presentacion jun. 15, 2015 | Share

Viewability: Why It Still Doesn’t Add Up & What You Should Do About It


In this session at ARF Audience Measurement 2015, comScore CEO and President Serge Matta talks about the causes of viewable impression variance and gives a concrete checklist for how to navigate through the churning viewable impression sea to higher ground. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 15, 2015 | Share

Libérez le potentiel du programmatique

Jacques Technio, VP France and Steve Dennen, VP Corporate Development, introduced the launch of comScore Industry Trust in France. Leer más

White paper jun. 11, 2015 | Share

The M-Commerce Gap: Why Dollars Continue to Lag Shopping Behavior on Mobile

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is one of the most widely discussed trends in retail today. More than ever, consumers are using their mobile devices – both smartphones and tablets – to influence their shopping and buying of retail goods. Leer más

Presentacion jun. 9, 2015 | Share

Dynameet Events - Delivering Trust in Programmatic

Viewability, brand safety, and non-human traffic are key issues facing the industry today. However, concentrating on just one of these factors in isolation dramatically underestimates the fundamental impact these factors can have on overall campaign effectiveness. Leer más

White paper jun. 2, 2015 | Share

UK Digital Market Overview April 2015

UK Digital Market Overview

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends. In April 2015, 47.5 million users accessed the internet via their desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. Google Sites is top multi-platform destination while Sky, Apple and Mail Online see largest share of mobile only users. Facebook accounts for 20% of all time spent online. 36.5m people accessed mobile... Leer más

Presentacion jun. 1, 2015 | Share

Futuro Digital México 2015

2015 Mexico Digital Future in Focus

Durante este reporte obsevamos una migración hacia dispositivos móviles, las tendencias imperantes en el uso de la web y la enorme evolución de la publicidad digital en México y como comScore está ayudando a impulsar la industria. Leer más