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comScore Announces Launch of MMX™ Multi-Platform in Vietnam to Measure Unduplicated Audiences Across Desktop Computers, Smartphones and Tablets

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leading cross-platform measurement company, today announced the launch of MMX™ Multi-Platform in Vietnam to measure unduplicated audiences across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets to account for today’s Total Digital Population. The new service builds on comScore’s rich audience measurement solutions,... Leia mais

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comScore Travel Solutions

With over half of the German internet population visiting a travel site, which online sites are leading the travel industry in attracting visitors? Leia mais

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Surfing in August? German holidaymakers’ mobile browsing habits

It is no secret that online travel sites face fierce competition, with numerous properties competing in this space. Whether consumers were making plans for their summer vacation or already planning their winter getaway, over half of German Internet users (54%) visited online travel sites in June 2016. This is 7 percentage points above the European average... Leia mais

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Getting Your Head Around Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking and Viewability

Getting Your Head Around Ad Fraud Ad Blocking and Viewability

Ad fraud, ad blocking and ad viewability are the latest topical issues that the digital industry is grappling with. Each market is responding and addressing these issues in their own way. What is the Australian market thinking about this? Are Australian marketers, agencies and publishers concerned, and what is being done? Joe Nguyen, comScore Senior... Leia mais

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Indonesia’s Digital & Mobile Audience Measurement Gameplan

MMA Forum Indonesia 2016

With the appointment of comScore by the Indonesian Digital Measurement Consortium (IDMC) as the approved online audience measurement partner for Indonesia, mobile measurement will be an important part of upcoming development. Joe Nguyen, comScore Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, provided an overall view of how mobile fits within the larger digital... Leia mais

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9 em cada 10 pessoas conectadas à internet na América Latina tem smartphone

A comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) e a Internet Media Services (IMS) divulgaram hoje a segunda edição do IMS Mobile in LatAm, um relatório conjunto sobre as tendências de consumo mobile e o uso de aplicativos em seis países da região (Brasil, México, Argentina, Colômbia, Peru e Chile). Leia mais

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comScore Banking Solutions

comScore Banking Solutions can help steer your online strategy in the right direction. comScore uses the best of its technology and syndicated solutions to provide curated insights of the online banking market. Leia mais

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Money in your pocket: 29% of French users bank via mobile

Over half of Internet users in France visit online banking sites, viewing 3 million total pages in a month and spending an average of 5.1 minutes per visit. Mobile is changing banking behaviours in France, as more consumers access their accounts from handheld devices. Leia mais

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The Digital Audience in Italy

During this presentation, Stuart Wilkinson, Head of Industry Relations for comScore EMEA and Fabrizio Angelini, CEO Sensemakers, reviewed the current state of Italian’s multi-platform landscape and the recent product enhancements with the introduction of Mobile consumer panel data. Leia mais

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Digital Future in Focus

Digital Future in Focus

During this webinar, Mike Shaw, VP Sales at comScore, will present insights from the “Global Digital Future in Focus” report. The study examines key trends affecting the global digital ecosystem, how the landscape has changed, who is leading the way, and what other regions can expect to see. Leia mais