validated Media Essentials

Succeeding in A World of Viewable Impression Measurement & Audience Guarantees

validated Media Essentials™

Viewability, Audience and Invalid Traffic Management
for Media Sellers

Designed specifically for media sellers, validated Media Essentials (vME™) helps you make important decisions about your advertising inventory.

vME enables media sellers to:

  • Re-evaluate site design, sales strategy and overall approach to packaging and pricing
  • Quickly find the highest performing ad slots for proposals
  • Understand alignment of ad slots for best performance on audience guarantees.
  • Identify sources of invalid activity for future traffic acquisition decisions

With vME, you can evaluate your inventory by site, domain, section and ad slot. Unlike any other solution in the market, vME combines proven comScore technologies from vCE and Digital Analytix, provides complete inventory performance data in one solution, and offers a streamlined reporting interface and easy-to-use API for integration with other tools.

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