We are a fast growing company with an international presence but we still have our start-up roots.

Gaining international work experience has always been one of my dreams and goals. I started in the European recruitment team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands almost 3 years ago, where I was the first dedicated Recruitment Researcher to be hired by comScore.

I absolutely loved this job; I was recruiting people globally, from Europe, Asia and Latin America. It was a very diverse and challenging job, never a dull moment. And that’s what working at comScore is really, we are a fast growing company with an international presence, but we still have our start up roots and are proud of it.

When sourcing proved to be a valuable tool for comScore in Europe, Asia and Latin America, I was asked to bring my knowledge and expertise to the US and implement it for our US Recruitment team. This international transfer was a great opportunity offered to me by comScore.

There is always room to grow here and I’m truly enjoying my new role in the US. I’ve been to a lot of comScore offices and met lots of comScorians around the world and I can truly say that we have so many smart, dynamic and self-motivated people who are experts at their jobs.