Driving lead generation across platforms with Oracle Data Cloud

An Oracle Data Cloud auto client improved lead generation by 73 percent and reduced cost per lead by 46 percent using Comscore segments to extend their TV campaign across digital platforms.

The Scenario

A major auto brand running a TV advertising campaign wanted to increase the number of qualified leads it received via its web pages.

To accomplish this objective, the auto brand's agency sought a solution to help them deliver a unified, impactful message across platforms.

The Solution

The auto brand built and activated digital audience segments based on consumption of their TV campaign.

Number 1

Leveraging Comscore Activation within Oracle Data Cloud, the auto brand built advanced audience targets based on consumption of the specific networks and shows where their TV commercials were running.

Number 2

To activate the targets, Oracle Data Cloud pushed the segments to a leading social platform. The auto brand then activated the targets and ran a campaign across social in tandem with their TV commercials.

Number 2

As the TV campaign ran, the auto brand extended their message across platforms, adding incremental reach and frequency to drive greater marketing resonance.

The Success

As a result of activating Comscore’s TV segments, the auto brand increased conversions while lowering costs.

Benefits included:

Stronger performance
Leads received via the auto brand’s website increased 73 percent on top of in-market targeting alone.

Cost per lead decreased by 46 percent.

Marketing Resonance
The auto brand delivered a unified, impactful message across TV and digital platforms.