Understanding and Impacting the Consumer Journey with TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor gained actionable insights on travel consumers’ decision-making process via a Comscore custom study.

The Scenario

The customer journey is complex. As consumers move from the initial stages of research to eventual purchase, there are multiple touch points along the way where brands can influence the decision-making process and ultimately impact conversion.

TripAdvisor, a leading travel site, wanted to help their brand and marketing partners better understand, quantify and ultimately impact the path to purchase through more effective and efficient online advertising.

The Solution

Comscore and TripAdvisor partnered to execute a Consumer Journey study that addressed three key questions:

Number 1

What is TripAdvisor’s role within the travel purchase journey?

Number 2

How long is the customer journey from initial research to eventual purchase?

Number 3

How does advertising on TripAdvisor.com impact consumer behavior?

The Success

As a result of the study, TripAdvisor gained actionable insights that enabled them to better understand the consumer journey for travelers – and, more importantly, the role that TripAdvisor plays within this decision-making process. Insights included:


50% of travel researchers who went on to make a travel purchase visited TripAdvisor at some point during their online journey.


84% of buyers who visit TripAdvisor take longer than four weeks to complete their purchase underscoring that reliance on cookie-based measurement can be misleading in understanding the true impact of online advertising.


Consumers exposed to a leading travel brand’s display campaign on TripAdvisor.com were 500% more likely to perform branded searches, 29% more likely to visit the advertiser’s site, and 28% more likely to convert on the brand’s website versus non-exposed users