February 24, 2012

3 in 10 display ads delivered are never seen, often because users fail to scroll down the webpage or scroll too fast

Kate Dreyer
Director, Corporate Communications
A U.S.-based vCE™ Charter Study of 12 national advertisers found that, on average, only 69 percent of the ad impressions were delivered in-view*. The remaining 31 percent of ad impressions never had the opportunity to be seen by the consumer, a likely result of a consumer scrolling past the ad before it loaded or a consumer never scrolling the ad in to view. Across all 18 campaigns evaluated in the study, in-view rates ranged from 55 percent to 93 percent, demonstrating varying degrees of wasted impressions.
In-View ad rates

*In-view is defined as at least 50 percent of the ad being viewable for at least one second.

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