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Data Gem Aug. 1, 2013 | Share

Half of UK Smartphones Run on Android

In the UK, Android has increased its OS market share by 19 percent from 42 percent share of the market in May 2012 to 50 percent in the three month average ending May 2013. Apple’s market share amongst the 33.1 million UK smartphone owners has remained relatively stable, with a growth of 7 percent from May last year to reach 29 percent share in May... Read more

Data Gem Apr. 3, 2012 | Share

Android Captures Majority Share of US Smartphone Market

US Top Smartphone Platforms February 2012

More than 104 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in February 2012, up 14 percent versus November. Read more

Data Gem Feb. 27, 2012 | Share

Smartphone Platform Wars Intensify as Android and Apple Take the Lead in Most Markets

US Smartphone Market Share by OS

The recently released comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus revealed that the Google Android and Apple iOS smartphone platforms emerged as leaders across many developed mobile markets. By the end of 2011, Android had captured 47 percent of the base of primary smartphone users age 13+ in the U.S., followed by Apple iOS (30 percent). In the EU5, Android... Read more

Data Gem Nov. 7, 2011 | Share

Apple iOS Surpasses Symbian in Share of Mobile Phones and Connected Devices in Use in EU5

OS Market Share by Audience Installed Base

Across the EU5, 91.4 million mobile subscribers reported using smartphones in the 3 month average ending August 2011, up 46 percent from last year. Although Symbian continues to have the largest share of the smartphone market, its audience among all mobile and connected devices in current use was recently surpassed by the Apple iOS audience. The iOS... Read more

Data Gem Jul. 22, 2011 | Share

Google's UK Smartphone Audience Grew by 634 Percent Since May 2010

UK Smartphone growth

In May 2011, 42 percent of UK mobile consumers used a smartphone compared to only 27 percent a year ago. The rising adoption of smartphones in the UK has created a very competitive landscape for the top 3 mobile operating systems, Apple, Google and Symbian. Read more

Data Gem May. 30, 2011 | Share

Top Smartphone Platforms in Europe

Top Smartphone Platforms in Europe

Smartphone adoption continues to grow across Europe with more than 80.5 million people owning a smartphone in March 2011. Symbian still leads the European Smartphone market with 43.3% share, while Apple ranked second with 20.3%. Google accounted for 16.3% share, followed by RIM (9.1%) and Microsoft (7.6%). Read more

Data Gem May. 27, 2011 | Share

Nearly 70 Percent of EU5 Mobile Banking Users Own Smartphone


Perhaps not surprisingly, smartphone users accounted for nearly 70 percent of mobile banking users in the EU5 region (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK). Apple users exhibited the highest relative usage of mobile banking (index of 393) and accounted for 27.5 percent of all mobile banking users in the region. Apple’s 5.5 million mobile bankers... Read more

Data Gem Feb. 16, 2011 | Share

Share of Smartphone Market by Operating System in EU5

Share of Smartphone Market by Operating System in EU5

Symbian’s stronghold on the European smartphone market loosened in 2010 as other platforms gained traction. Symbian saw its smartphone market share decline from 63.0 percent in December 2009 to 47.8 percent in December 2010, while Android consumed the largest portion of Symbian’s market share, growing more than 10 percentage points to 11.9 percent... Read more

Data Gem Jan. 12, 2011 | Share

Google Android Shows Fastest Growth Among Smartphone Platforms in Germany

Google Android Shows Fastest Growth Among Smartphone Platforms in Germany

Symbian led among smartphone platforms with 47.7 percent market share, followed by Apple (19.5 percent), Microsoft (13.7 percent), Google (10.6 percent) and RIM (4.8 percent). Google Android gained the largest market share and went up 9.2 percentage points compared to November 2009. Read more

Data Gem Dec. 22, 2010 | Share

Symbian Still Leads UK Smartphone Market But Apple and Google are Gaining

Google's mobile platform Android witnessed strong growth over the last 6 month and claimed 14.9% share of the UK smartphone market in October 2010. Apple’s iPhones went up from 28.1% market share in May 2010 to 28.6% in October 2010. Nokia’s Symbian remains the leader in the UK with 32.2% smartphone market share, but showed a decline of 7.5 percentage... Read more