- June 2, 2010

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Insights into Online Display Advertising's 2009 Growth

Speaker: John Triggs

According to Comscore Ad Metrix, online display advertising spend grew to $2.7 Billion in Q1 2010, a substantial increase from spending in Q1 2009. What contributed to this increase? In this one hour webinar we share insights into factors behind display advertising's impressive growth on the Internet.

This session highlights:

  • Display advertising spend and CPM trends by category
  • Advertisers & publishers using rich media and new OPA ad sizes to drive engagement
  • Improved metrics for measuring campaign performance
  • Advertisers who achieve success by choosing sites relevant to their target audience
  • Examples of brilliant ads delivered to promote and strengthen brands online

It is clearly an exciting time of growth in online display advertising for both advertisers and publishers. Learn how to stay ahead of the curve with rich advertising insights and current trends!