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22 Apr 2015

Comscore, in Collaboration with CIMM, Unveils First Look at Cross-Media Measurement Data for 11 CIMM Member Companies

Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ : SCOR) today announced that media buyers around the globe will now be able to use key Comscore advertising metrics directly in programmatic trading platforms.
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14 Oct 2014

Comscore’s U.S. Total Video Report Available for Download

Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global leader in measuring the digital world, today published The U.S. Total Video Report. The report, available to the public as a complimentary download, provides...
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29 Jan 2014

Comscore Collaborates with CIMM to Expand its Pioneering Cross-Platform Measurement Service, Combining Five Platforms of TV, Radio, Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet

Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR) in collaboration with the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), today announced plans to expand its pioneering cross-platform measurement service, the industry’s...
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23 Apr 2007

Comscore Study Reveals that Mobile TV Currently Most Popular Among Males and Younger Age Segments

RESTON, VA, April 23, 2007 – Comscore today released the results of a study analyzing Americans’ usage of, and attitudes toward, Mobile TV, which is defined as television watched via a mobile...
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16 Oct 2006

TV, Sports and News Sites Experience Gains in September

RESTON, VA, October 16, 2006 – Comscore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for September. American consumers...
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31 Mar 2006

Comscore Data Show Heavy Work-Based Viewing of “CBS March Madness On Demand™ Streaming Video”

RESTON, VA, March 31, 2006 – Comscore Media Metrix today announced the results of their analysis of viewing of live video streams during the first round of the NCAA Tournament. In their inaugural...
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7 Feb 2006

Bud/ Bud Light Scores Big During “Ad Bowl” 2006

RESTON, Va., Feb. 7, 2006 – Comscore Networks today released the results of a survey that quantifies American’s awareness and brand perceptions related to ads that aired during Super Bowl...
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7 Feb 2006

Super Bowl Ad Campaigns Spike Web Traffic

RESTON, Va., Feb. 7, 2006 – Comscore Networks, the leader in digital media measurement, including online visitation and streaming, today released the results of an analysis of online usage...
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2 Feb 2006

Advertisers Look To TV and Web to “XL” During This Year’s Super Bowl

RESTON, Va., Feb. 2, 2006 – Comscore Networks today released the results of a survey of more than 1,100 Americans’ attitudes and opinions related to Super Bowl XL. Just under half of those...
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17 Sep 2004

Oprah Giveaway Drives Massive Traffic Increase at Oprah and Pontiac Sites, According to Comscore Networks

RESTON, Va., Sept. 17, 2004 – Comscore Networks today released a late-breaking analysis of Web visitation related to Oprah’s heavily publicized giveaway of 276 Pontiac G6 automobiles to audience...
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19 Mar 2004

Comscore Media Metrix Announces Top 50 U.S. Internet Property Rankings for February 2004

RESTON, Va. March 19, 2004 – Comscore Media Metrix today announced the Top 50 U.S. Internet Properties for the month of February 2004. Between January and February, the total U.S. Internet...
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5 Feb 2004

Super Bowl Advertisements and Publicity Stunts Score Online

Reston, Va., Feb. 5, 2004 – Comscore Networks, the leader in the use of the Internet to measure and understand consumer behavior, today released an analysis of Internet visitation and preferences...
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