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“Top Friends” Ranks as Most Engaged Facebook Application Among U.S. Internet Users in November 2007, According to comScore Widget Metrix

Myspace.Com Has Largest Web Widget Viewing Audience

RESTON, VA, January 24, 2008 – comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the November 2007 U.S. rankings of the top web widgets and announced key enhancements to the comScore Widget Metrix service. The service measures independent objects that can be embedded or downloaded onto another site and can be used as a tool, have automatic content updates, or are interactive. These objects are most often referred to as “widgets,” but may also include other naming conventions such as Facebook “applications” and Google “gadgets.” The most recent enhancements to comScore Widget Metrix include the reporting of JavaScript objects and Facebook applications. Measurement of Facebook applications requires that a user actively engage with the application, different from the reporting of other widgets, which are measured in terms of views or exposures.

“The widget space is rapidly evolving, and we are continuing to add various widget file types into our definition to provide the most accurate and comprehensive reporting in the marketplace,” said comScore executive vice president Linda Boland Abraham. “The inclusion of Facebook applications in our reporting structure represents a significant step in that direction. As the widget universe continues to evolve, it will become necessary to define better industry standards, and comScore is committed to aiding in that effort.” Widgets Reach Largest U.S. Audience

In November 2007, nearly 148 million U.S. Internet users viewed widgets, representing 81 percent of the total audience. widgets had the widest audience, reaching more than 57 million Internet users, while ranked second with 39.2 million viewers. has the sixth widest widget-viewing audience with more than 19 million viewers.

Top Web Widget Viewing Audiences*
November 2007
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Widget Metrix
Widget Unique Viewers (000) Penetration of U.S. Internet Audience
Total U.S. Widget Viewers 147,904 81.1% - Widget 57,747 31.7% - Widget 39,213 21.5% – Widget** 39,159 21.5% - Widget 32,557 17.9% - Widget 26,434 14.5% - Widget 19,436 10.7% - Widget 16,123 8.8% - Widget 15,844 8.7% - Widget 15,586 8.5% - Widget 14,967 8.2%

* excluded from list due to different measurement methodology

** Clearspring is a widget platform and has independent objects; both are included in its total

“Top Friends” Tops Facebook Application Rankings

The inaugural Facebook application rankings revealed that more than 20 million Facebook visitors, or 61 percent of the site’s U.S. audience, engaged with an application in November. Visitors between the ages of 18-24 were twice as likely as the average Facebook visitor to engage with applications, while those aged 25 and older were less likely than average to exhibit this behavior.

“Top Friends” by Slide was the top ranked application during the month, with more than 6.2 million engaged viewers (18.5 percent of the Facebook audience), followed by Movies by Flixster with 5.2 million (15.4 percent), and SuperPoke! by Slide with 3.6 million (10.8 percent). Slide contributed three of the ten most engaged Facebook applications in November, while RockYou! contributed two.

Top Facebook Applications*
November 2007
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Widget Metrix
Facebook Application

Engaged Widget Viewers


Penetration of Total U.S. Facebook Audience
Total Visitors 33,660 100.0%
Total Facebook Applications 20,649 61.3%
Top Friends (Slide) 6,230 18.5%
Movies (Flixster) 5,199 15.4%
SuperPoke! (Slide) 3,626 10.8%
Compare People 3,503 10.4%
iLike 3,449 10.2%
Super Wall (RockYou!) 3,237 9.6%
Likeness (RockYou!) 2,693 8.0%
Quizzes 2,583 7.7%
FunWall (Slide) 2,107 6.3%
Graffiti 1,647 4.9%

* Rankings based on number of people that actively engaged with the application during the course of the month, which includes interacting with the object, downloads of the object or views of the application information page. The rankings may differ from’s own “Most Active User” rankings, which are based on daily active users.

Widget Definitions

The current universe of widgets is defined as embedded Shockwave Flash objects, certain JavaScript objects, and Facebook applications. The comScore Widget Metrix service will evolve in its tracking of widget file types as the market dynamics and content delivery systems change. The report currently focuses on the individual widgets, and not the platforms that deliver them. Desktop widgets are not included in the reporting.

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