Activate powerful audience and contextual segments to drive stronger programmatic performance

Optimize ad campaigns by turning granular data into actionable targets

Achieving programmatic advertising success requires high-quality, scalable segments that are backed by rigorous data science.

Tap into Comscore’s expansive cross-platform data assets and unmatched expertise in unifying billions of datapoints to drive greater marketing impact and overall campaign effectiveness

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Reach key audiences across desktop, mobile and connected TV with a powerful suite of advanced segments


Age, Gender, Ethnicity and Valid Human Segment.

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Sports Fans, Seasonal Audiences, Political Audiences and more.

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TV Viewing Segments

Networks, Genres, Dayparts, Live Events, Series and Ad Exposures.

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OTT & Gaming segments

Select OTT Providers, OTT Consumers, SVOD Consumers and Gamers. 

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Protect brands and drive contextual relevance by combining filters, categories and keywords

Brand Safety

Pre-built Protection Filters and Custom Keyword Avoidance.

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Contextual Categories

IAB 2.0 Categories, such as “Food & Drink: BBQ’s” and “Home & Garden: Landscaping.”

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Quality Filters

Media Metrix Rankings, and Viewability and Invalid Traffic (IVT) Scores.

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Page Visitor Indices

Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Household Income, Household Size, Presence of Children

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Driving lead generation across platforms with Oracle Data Cloud

An Oracle Data Cloud auto client improved lead generation by 73 percent and reduced cost per lead by 46 percent using Comscore segments to extend their TV campaign across digital platforms.

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Activate Comscore segments in your DMP or DSP of choice