Trusted Detection of Invalid Traffic

IVT in anything, contaminates everything.
Luckily, advanced IVT measurement can help.

Invalid traffic - often referred to as non-human traffic (NHT) - is a real issue. If an ad isn’t reaching a real person, that’s a real problem. Beyond generating waste and distrust, it undermines the integrity of every other effectiveness metric and hurts both buyers and sellers – degrading the value of the advertising industry as a whole. Our sophisticated IVT detection is integrated into Comscore vCE, giving media buyers, ad networks and sellers a trusted method to better protect their traffic and campaigns from IVT threats.

Forget standard filtration.
Get triple defense with comscore.

Comscore provides unique General and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic detection that goes beyond the standard filtration required for industry accreditation. Our Triple Detection Technology uses three key Comscore data assets – ad tags, census page tags and a panel of humans – to measure invalid traffic, providing more protection than lesser solutions.

Invalid Traffic detection technology
Invalid Traffic Other Common Approaches

Redefining state-of-the art, every day.

Staying ahead of IVT is a constant challenge. Comscore has from the start drawn attention to this important issue. We’ve integrated anti-IVT technology across our advertising and audience measurement products, and we continue to develop advanced capabilities that set higher standards for the industry.

1. Measurement beyond ad tags alone

To catch hard-to-detect invalid activity.

2. True census detection of IVT

Techniques that rely on spiders and bots can leave measurement holes.

3. Impression-level data

4. Agnostic measurement across channels, including video, display and mobile

We do not filter them directly, as other solutions do, but rather analyze behavior in full context with the depth and breadth of our data assets.

5. Consistent methods across planning and effectiveness tools

6. Continuous evolution using cyber-security expertise

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Protect yourself with knowledge.

Below is a collection of recent articles from Comscore and MdotLabs experts on IVT detection we hope you find insightful. Contact us today to learn more.

Good News for Digital Publishers: Most Have Low Levels of Non-Human Traffic

By Kate Dreyer
While there’s no doubt that ad fraud and NHT will continue to be a significant concern for both the buy side and sell side, there is a silver lining for publishers. For the vast majority the overall incidence of NHT on their sites is low, which means they are affirmatively delivering trustworthy inventory for advertisers. Read more

Ad Fraud and Non-Human Traffic: How Rampant is the Problem?

By Kate Dreyer
If you’ve read any news about digital advertising lately, chances are you have seen more than a few headlines about ad fraud and non-human traffic (NHT). It’s no secret that these issues do plague the industry, but just how rampant are they? Read more

Inside A Botnet: Athena and Ad Fraud

By Kevin Springborn
One of the most prevalent forms of waste and fraud in today’s digital ad ecosystem is from botnets. A botnet is a network of computers infected with malware and controlled without the user being aware, typically for nefarious activities including various forms of digital ad fraud. Read more

Domain Laundering Emerges as Significant Threat in Digital Ad Ecosystem

By Jeff Kline
Domain laundering, or the act of obscuring a publisher’s domain in an attempt to profit by selling low-value placements at high prices, is an emerging threat that has received recent and well-deserved attention. In what follows, we describe some of the major challenges and consequences of domain laundering, how domain laundering can be identified, and details of one particular instance of laundering found in the wild. Read more

A Security + Big Data Approach to Non-Human Traffic Removal

By Paul Barford
In order to create comprehensive capabilities to remove non-human traffic (NHT) Comscore has been at the forefront of the idea of combining IT security techniques with big data analytics. This approach begins by identifying threats through in-depth investigation of our diverse data assets and leads to the development of NHT filters that are deployed throughout our product lines. Read more

Progressing Toward a Human GRP in Digital

By Josh Chasin
We at Comscore strive to make the lives our clients easier by allowing them to buy and sell advertising according to “clean” metrics like the Human GRP, and we have made significant strides in doing so over the past several months. Read more

Upping the Ante on NHT

By Paul Barford
Comscore doubled down on its commitment to dealing with NHT by acquiring MdotLabs, extending our NHT threat detection and mitigation capabilities even further in order to bring to the digital ad ecosystem NHT detection that is second to none. Read more

Keeping Ahead of Non-Human Traffic: A Q&A with Brian Pugh

A Q & A with Brian Pugh
The media has been abuzz lately with news stories about invalid web traffic – commonly referred to as fraud – that can wreak havoc on ad campaign delivery and diminish the value of digital as a successful advertising medium. The reality is that invalid traffic has plagued the internet in one form or another for more than a decade, and Comscore has been measuring and filtering out this traffic from our products from the start, explained in our blog posts from 2011 and 2012. Read more