Measure and maximize marketing effectiveness to grow your business

Understand the performance of your media and marketing activities across platforms.

Today’s consumers are increasingly exposed to more advertising touchpoints, making holistic performance evaluation and impact analysis challenging.  

With Comscore’s comprehensive campaign effectiveness measurement, you can understand the full impact of your campaign and improve ROI by investing in what works – and evolving what doesn’t.

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Advertising Lift

Understand how your marketing efforts advance traditional and custom brand objectives, from online sign-up to location visit.

Action Lift
Brand Survey Lift
Brand Survey Lift - Mobile
Creative Evaluation
Location Lift
Movie Lift Digital
Movie Lift TV

Brand Health Index

Track how consumers perceive and engage with your brand over time and gain additional insights via in-depth competitive analyses.

Brand Monitor

Branded Content Measurement

Measure the impact of your branded integrations across TV, digital, and social media to inform future campaigns.

Branded Content

Product availability and capabilities vary by market