Device Essentials™

Critical Insights on Digital Device Usage Worldwide

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With so many ways for audiences to access content, it’s critical to understand which devices serve as access points. To reach your target audience, you also need details on device characteristics, connection type (wireless vs. wireline) and geography. 

Device Essentials meets those needs with global insight into unique digital device usage and traffic based on actual observed online visitation data.

Device Essentials provides unique device and traffic share information by network operator, along with device characteristics, to deliver an in-depth profile of audience traffic for any market. Study web content category consumption across devices and networks in order to better understand and communicate your value to consumers. Get global mobile insights from sixty countries with region-level reporting. Granular insights into local U.S. markets provide your share of local, regional, and national devices and traffic – and that of your competitor—to shape your product strategy and marketing decisions.

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