Digital Download Essentials

The Industry’s Only Set of Reporting Services for Digitally Purchased or Rented Video Content

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Studios and networks today need to understand the performance of video content purchased and rented over the Internet to compete more effectively in the digital marketplace.

comScore Digital Download Essentials® is the industry’s only reporting and auditing service providing content performance intelligence on purchased and rented movie and television content downloaded or streamed via the Internet, including royalty calculations.

This secure, web-based system collects, verifies, consolidates and reports on all digitally downloaded and streamed content transactions including electronic sell-through (EST), Internet Video on Demand (iVOD) and subscription-based (sVOD) streaming transactions.

Digital Download Essentials

Be smarter with your digitally purchased and rented content

Know the exact performance of your digital content.
Let comScore consolidate usage data and  title-match across multiple licensees  allowing you to focus exclusively on  performance analysis.

Ensure accurate and timely reporting.
See data in industry-standard feed  specifications across all licensees  (domestic and international).

Develop an informed strategy to  encourage UltraViolet adoption. 
Understand the content and means in  which consumers add to their  cloud-based UltraViolet libraries.

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Digital Download Essentials Industry™ is a first-of-its-kind service –  providing movie studios and television networks with title-level purchase  and rental information for their worldwide digital movie and television  content as well as that of their competitors.

Through unique industry “sharing” agreements, comScore gathers and aggregates information from all  the leading digital licensees such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, Vudu and Google to give  participating content providers the ability to compare the performance of their electronic sell-through  (EST) and Internet Video on Demand (iVOD) content to the rest of the industry.

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Gain insight into your digital competition worldwide

Compete more effectively in the digital  marketplace.
Access to total, title-level EST & iVOD  transactions, revenue, and market share  performance information from across the  industry.

Better anticipate trends and  determine the outcome of pilots or  acquisitions.
Understand weekly and historical  market-level performance and compare  series and seasons on an episodic level  against competitors.

Measure your international digital  business more effectively. 
See total, title-level EST & iVOD  transactions and revenue in 180  international countries.

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