Reach valuable cross-platform audiences based on demographics, TV viewership, CTV/gaming behaviors, and personas

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Comscore Audience Activation™ offers programmatic audience segments powered by Comscore’s massive data assets for digital, mobile, CTV and DOOH campaigns.
Comscore Audience Activation helps you improve campaign performance using demographics, cross-platform TV viewership, streaming behaviors, and personas to get your message in front of the right consumers.
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Use Comscore’s best-in-class age, gender, generational and multi-cultural audiences to optimize campaign performance and in-target delivery.


Media Consumption

Find consumers based on their media consumption habits. Comscore offers TV viewership audiences spanning network, genre, daypart, and ad exposure as well as CTV and gaming behavioral audiences, and personas.

Media Consumption

Predictive Audiences

The standard for cookie-free audience targeting at scale. Comscore Predictive Audiences enables advertisers to reach audiences based on granular consumer behavior through privacy-friendly contextual signals.

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Predictive Audiences - Audience Activation
  • Offer quality cross-platform segments by upselling advertisers beyond TV purchases to digital.
  • Reach elusive segments — like OTT viewers or small demographic targets — by extending ad packages beyond TV.
  • Leverage digital to promote future TV content based on past content consumption.
  • Improve campaign delivery to surpass in-target guarantees, reducing waste and the need for make-goods.
  • Earn premiums for packages built on advanced audiences.
  • Drive marketing resonance and improve audience delivery by targeting consumers based on trusted demographic segmentation.
  • Strategically amplify campaign exposure and incremental reach across platforms by leveraging TV and OTT consumption insights.
  • Reach elusive audiences like gamers, early adopters and cord-cutters.

Activate Comscore segments in your DMP or DSP of choice

Comscore On-the-Shelf PMPs

Search for your target audiences below, select the deals, your DSP and click the “Activate Now” button. The Comscore team will make the PMPs available on your DSP of choice including Adobe, Amobee, Basis, DV360, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, TTD, Yahoo and DV360. If you do not see your DSP or the segments you need, please contact us.


Comscore Predictive Audiences™ Drive Video Campaign Performance for IBM

Eightbar used Comscore’s privacy-forward contextual audiences to help leading technology brand, IBM, achieve the most efficient Cost-Per-Engaged-Visit (CPEV).

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Meet the Experts

Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz
Managing Director

In her role as Managing Director, Proximic by Comscore, Rachel oversees product, go-to-market strategy, and operational execution of Comscore’s Activation business - fueling the programmatic advertising ecosystem with best-in-class quality data at scale.

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Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Head of Sales

In her role as VP, Activation, Angela helps clients navigate the programmatic advertising ecosystem and answer critical business questions by leveraging insights from Comscore’s cross-platform data assets. Angela has spent over 13 years in the advertising industry and at Comscore.

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