Measure and evaluate advertising across platforms

Gain a holistic view of advertising performance for TV and digital, including over-the-top (OTT).

Reaching the right audience is key to any successful campaign. Evolve the way you evaluate advertising with in-flight delivery insights to set you up for success, regardless of platform.

With Comscore, you can leverage industry-leading audience measurement to ensure your campaign hits its target, optimize for reach and frequency and get an unduplicated view of cross-platform performance. 

Campaign Ratings for TV

Determine how specific national TV commercials perform and understand their audience makeup.

TV Essentials

Campaign Ratings for Digital

Validate key measures of delivery – from in-target to viewability – and optimize performance in-flight.

Validated Campaign Essentials

Campaign Ratings for Cross-Platform

Access an unduplicated, person-level view of advertising across TV and digital, including OTT.

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