March 28, 2013 - Event: The Social Internet Conference Call Series

Online Video: A Statistical Review

Dan Piech
Senior Product Manager

In this presentation, comScore Senior Product Manager Dan Piech presents an update on the world of online video. Over the last 6 years, the number of videos watched online has increased over 800 percent. This growing digital video consumption is scattered across a number of different devices and platforms, further complicating the already complex environment. Through answering the questions of where video is viewed, by whom, and on what devices, Piech examines where online video is headed as an industry.

Here are some of the insights shared in this presentation:

  • 82 million Americans watch 1.6 billion videos a day, on average.
  • Online video reaches over 85% of US internet users.
  • 1.9% of time spent viewing video online is spent viewing ads compared to 20-30% on TV.
  • Predicted online video ad spend for 2013 is $4.14 billion.

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