Automotive Solutions

Automakers seeking to influence consumers trust comScore to help them better understand the full purchase journey and improve the impact of content exposure across mediums along that journey.

By combining massive amounts of television viewership and model-level digital tracking information with third-party behavioral data, comScore provides the automotive industry with the cross-platform campaign measurement insights needed to quantify in-market demand and create custom segments based on TV viewership, digital behaviors and demographics for media targeting.


comScore has been helping automotive marketers excel for more than a decade.

Our powerful database coupled with seasoned automotive industry experts make comScore uniquely positioned to answer difficult questions facing the automotive industry.

  • How effective is my marketing at driving consumers to engage with my brand vs. rivals anywhere online (search, brand sites, third-party sites, etc.)? When do rivals’ marketing efforts spill over to my models?
  • By segment, what are the best opportunities for me to conquest shoppers from rival brands? Where is my brand prone to conquest efforts?
  • How do in-market consumers interact with different touchpoints along the purchase journey?
  • How can I link first party CRM data with industry-wide digital and TV data to build customized segments for targeting?
  • What is the effective reach of my target audience across channels? Across partners?
  • How can I create the most compelling advertising packages across channels?

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Why comScore

Consultative Approach

Our industry experts partner with clients to interpret behavioral and offline data and create integrated, relevant and cohesive recommendations. We work collaboratively as an extension of your team, while also powering your DMPs.

Breadth of Solutions

comScore offers a truly unique suite of research solutions covering behaviors, attitudes and multi-media consumption to help automakers drive success by focusing on planning, activation and campaign measurement.

Customizable Analyses

comScore’s approach and findings are tailored to each client’s specific business needs. By applying the right mix of research and range of data, clients typically get a blend of recurring metrics and specialty studies.


validated Campaign Essentials® (vCE)是一个全面的广告传送验证方案,提供深刻的宣传活动见解,实时报告以及日常提醒,用于方便、有效地进行宣传活动管理。

comScore StationView Essentials® tracks all satellite, telco, cable and over-the-air television viewing built from the ZIP code-level up.
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