Mobile consumer insights
across smartphones and tablets

Connect mobile consumption with intents, interests and satisfaction

comScore MobiLens® Plus is a market research tool that provides insights into consumers’ smartphone and tablet device preferences, usage trends, and demographics. Matching quantitative observed behaviors with self-reported survey responses, MobiLens Plus connects data about consumers’ mobile content consumption with their purchase-intents, interests and device satisfaction.

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Deduplicated audience behavior
and insights across devices

Deduplicated audience behavior and insights across devices

MobiLens Plus Answers:

Which site/app has visitors that also have high device satisfaction?

Is there a skew in the way my audience uses & perceives mobile phones vs. tablets?

Access wide-spectrum of user-behaviors that
influence consumer preferences for mobile products

MobiLens Plus Answers

What are consumers’ reasons for not using mobile banking?

Does device brand loyalty correlate with demographic factors?

Access wide-spectrum of user-behaviors

New insights into device purchase-intents
and mobile advertising preferences

Location based advertising

MobiLens Plus Answers

What % of consumers plan to upgrade to a new device/brand?

Is your push notification advertising strategy on phones and tablets acceptable to your target segment?





comScore MMX® Multi-Platform产品,在业界率先推出涵盖PC、智能手机和平板电脑的数字消费行为的综合测量,并考察竞争对手情况、提供人口特征和交叉访问信息。
comScore Mobile Metrix® 可捕获移动受众在智能手机和平板电脑上的浏览器及页面浏览及访问APP的行为。利用 Mobile Metrix,媒体可以展示其移动受众的价值,同时代理商和广告商则可制定战略性规划,有效采购移动广告,从而实现其广告活动的目标。