Plan Metrix

Connect consumers’ interests, attitudes and behaviors with their digital media consumption

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Demographic characteristics alone do not adequately predict consumers’ brand- or category-specific purchase behaviors. Media planners and advertisers require a thorough understanding of the interests, lifestyles and buying habits—both online and offline—of their target audiences. In parallel, publishers seeking to increase ad revenue require detailed intelligence that demonstrates the value of their properties relative to the competition.

Plan Metrix™ is a robust audience intelligence solution that provides insights that combines internet users’ actual online behavior with detailed information about their lifestyles, interests, attitudes, demographics and product preferences across desktop properties. 

Connect attitudes and interests with online behavior. When your target audience is defined by lifestyle, Plan Metrix helps you create more focused campaigns based on advanced audience data. Find your target online across tens of thousands of digital properties. 






comScore MMX® Multi-Platform产品,在业界率先推出涵盖PC、智能手机和平板电脑的数字消费行为的综合测量,并考察竞争对手情况、提供人口特征和交叉访问信息。
Segment Metrix® 可详细考察您的目标观众的在线行为。comScore 与八家业界领导者合作,提供涵盖多种行业主流细分方案的受众特征分析,帮助您将离线客户特点与在线行为相统一。