The New Model for a New World

Advancing media measurement in a dynamic, cross-platform world

Measurement breakthrough

comScore is unlocking new value for the media industry and transforming the way our clients conduct business.

Accurately measure individual platforms

Accurately measure individual platforms at a granular level

Unduplicated Reach

Understand unduplicated reach across platforms

Buy and sell on advanced audiences

Buy and sell on advanced audiences beyond age/gender

addressable advertising

Move toward an addressable advertising future

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Why comScore is creating the New Model

Hear about the needs and potential of cross-platform measurement from industry experts, Steven Wolfe Pereira, VP, Brand Strategy & Marketing Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud; Colleen Fahey Rush, EVP, Chief Research Officer, Viacom; Jon Suarez-Davis, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Krux Digital; Jane Clarke, CEO, Managing Director, CIMM; and Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar.





comScore MMX® Multi-Platform产品,在业界率先推出涵盖PC、智能手机和平板电脑的数字消费行为的综合测量,并考察竞争对手情况、提供人口特征和交叉访问信息。
comScore StationView Essentials® tracks all satellite, telco, cable and over-the-air television viewing built from the ZIP code-level up.
comScore TV Essentials® helps television buyers and sellers make smarter transactions by giving them a deeper understanding of the true value of their television viewing...
Unduplicated audience measurement across TV content and digital media in a single tool. Create media packages to analyze cross-platform reach, engagement and audience overlap....