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Unlocking The Power of Programmatic

Invalid and non-human traffic have been plaguing advertisers and agencies for years, but until now the industry has not had the tools needed to solve this issue. Today, optimizing ad campaigns toward quality traffic typically falls to publishers to e...
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Unlocking The Power of Programmatic

The Value of Verified Impressions

During our webinar, Luciana Burger, Managing Director for comScore Brazil, explained in detail what is a verified impression and how important is to track your campaign or the potential of your inventory.
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The Value of Verified Impressions

Give Your Creative a Chance!

Viewability Viewability Viewability Comscore Viewability™ is a free, self-service solution that provides baseline viewability measurement for display and video inventory on desktop and mobile ... Invalid Traffic Invalid Traffic comScore pro...
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Give Your Creative a Chance

Digital Advertising Is Dirty. Can Technology Clean It Up?

In this presentation, Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising EMEA at comScore reviews current challenges affecting media buyers in digital advertising today. Martin also shared a panel with Chris Le May from DataXu, Pete Robins, agenda21, Keith Moor, Santa...
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Digital Advertising Is Dirty Can Technology Clean It Up

Решения comScore для прозрачности купли-продажи рекламы в Programmatic

During this session, Sergey Onishenko, Sales Director, Russia & CIS presents around the importance of trust within the programmatic environment and the tools available that comScore can help with the industry to achieve this and improve programma...
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The importance of trust and transparency in the Programmatic

Illuminate Your Digital Advertising: Finding Light in Today’s Complexity

In this session, Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising comScore EMEA looks at key issues and real-life examples to provide insights and clarity into tackling today’s challenges and uncovering new opportunities in digital advertising.
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Illuminate Your Digital Advertising: Finding Light in Today’s Complexity

By 2017, digital is expected to overtake TV to become the world’s largest advertising medium proving the truth behind the saying that “money follows eyeballs.” This strong growth in digital advertising has brought opportunities and challenges a...
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Getting Your Head Around Ad Fraud, Ad Blocking and Viewability

Ad fraud, ad blocking and ad viewability are the latest topical issues that the digital industry is grappling with. Each market is responding and addressing these issues in their own way. What is the Australian market thinking about this? Are Austral...
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Getting Your Head Around Ad Fraud Ad Blocking and Viewability

Value of a Digital Ad: comScore and Millward Brown

Understanding the true value of digital advertising activity is a key challenge for brands and agencies, as they attempt to evaluate marketing spend holistically across online and other media.
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Value of a Digital Ad in Cross Media World

The Value of a Digital Ad

Joris Goossens, VP Sales, Benelux, the Nordics & Russia, comScore looks closer at how to best optimise marketing efforts and connect with todays ‘connected consumer’.
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