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comScore Launches World Metrix

694 Million People Currently Use the Internet Worldwide According to comScore Networks
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2006/05/comScore-Launches-World-Metrix

European Traffic to Career Sites Grows

March European Traffic to Career Resources, Job Search and Training/ Education Sites Increases 27 Percent Versus Year Ago
31% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2006/04/European-Traffic-to-Career-Sites-Grows

Top US Websites

Winter Olympics Capture Mindshare; Valentine’s Day Retailers Experience Softness
9% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2006/03/Top-US-Websites

Top US Websites Reflect New Years Resolutions

Americans’ Resolutions Reflected Online With Taxes, Careers, Travel and Health Top of Mind
13% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2006/02/T...ites-Reflect-New-Years-Resolutions

Top US Websites

Holiday-Related Content Drove December Web Activity, According to comScore Media Metrix Top 50 Online Property Ranking
12% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2006/01/Top-US-Websites

Holiday Web Searches

Seasonal Web Usage Driven By Gatherings, Greetings and Games
9% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/11/Holiday-Web-Searches

Top 50 Web Sites

Americans Reach Out, Log On During Turbulent September
9% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/10/Top-50-Web-Sites

Top US Web Sites

Local Information Sources Meet Nationwide Demand for Hurricane Katrina Information
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/09/Top-US-Web-Sites

Top US Web Sites

Star-Struck Observers Drawn to Space Shuttle Launch Online, Reports comScore Media Metrix
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/08/Top-US-Web-Sites