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Top 50 US Web Sites

on the Accuracy of Site-Server and Ad-Server Metrics and comScore’s annual  Digital and Mobile Future in Focus series. Andrew began his career at The NPD Group working with clients such as Kraft Foods and Johnson ... analysis of consu...
13% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/01/Top-50-US-Web-Sites

Holiday E-Commerce Increases

Online Holiday Spending Surges Beyond Expectations, Driving E-Commerce to Record Annual Sales of $117 Billion
9% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2005/01/Holiday-E-Commerce-Increases

Political Site Visitation

25 Million Americans Visited Politics Sites in the Final Month of the Presidential Race
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/11/Political-Site-Visitation

Election Eve Alert

Media Alert: Traffic to Campaign Sites Skyrockets on Election Eve
23% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/11/Election-Eve-Alert

Top US Web Sites

Fall Television Season, Back-to-School and the Election Drive Substantial Web Traffic Increases in September
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/10/Top-US-Web-Sites

Top US Web Sites

Olympics Take Gold and Silver in August Web Rankings
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/09/Top-US-Web-Sites

Oprah Giveaway

Oprah Giveaway Drives Massive Traffic Increase at Oprah and Pontiac Sites, According to comScore Networks
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/09/Oprah-Giveaway

Top US Web Sites

Political Parody Site Reaches Three Times as Many Americans as Kerry and Bush Sites Combined
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/08/Top-US-Web-Sites

Political Web Sites

Overnight Traffic Analysis Reveals DNC Convention Drove Thousands to Political Sites, both Democratic and Republican
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/07/Political-Web-Sites