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Election Eve Alert

Media Alert: Traffic to Campaign Sites Skyrockets on Election Eve
23% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/11/Election-Eve-Alert

Top US Web Sites

Fall Television Season, Back-to-School and the Election Drive Substantial Web Traffic Increases in September
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/10/Top-US-Web-Sites

Top US Web Sites

Olympics Take Gold and Silver in August Web Rankings
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/09/Top-US-Web-Sites

Oprah Giveaway

Oprah Giveaway Drives Massive Traffic Increase at Oprah and Pontiac Sites, According to comScore Networks
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/09/Oprah-Giveaway

Top US Web Sites

Political Parody Site Reaches Three Times as Many Americans as Kerry and Bush Sites Combined
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/08/Top-US-Web-Sites

Political Web Sites

Overnight Traffic Analysis Reveals DNC Convention Drove Thousands to Political Sites, both Democratic and Republican
20% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/07/Political-Web-Sites

Online Fantasy Sports

More than 7 Million Americans Participate in Online Fantasy Sports, According to comScore Media Metrix
8% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/07/Online-Fantasy-Sports

Top US Web Sites

comScore Announces June Web Rankings and Major Enhancements to Careers Category Reporting
12% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/07/Top-US-Web-Sites

Top US Web Sites

Americans Readying for Summer Online; Travel, Movies and Weather Categories Heating Up
12% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/06/Top-US-Web-Sites

Top 50 US Web Sites

comScore Media Metrix Announces Top 50 U.S. Internet Property Rankings for April 2004
12% - /Insights/Press-Releases/2004/05/Top-50-US-Web-Sites