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Mobile Millennials Retail Myths and Realities

Mobile devices have changed the way consumers purchase goods. Processes that were historically performed entirely offline have been transformed with the presence of smartphones and tablets that accompany consumers on their visits to retail stores.
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US Display Ad Viewability Rates Won’t Budge Still at 46 in 2014

Ensuring that online ads are viewable has become a rallying cry for advertisers and publishers have been working hard to improve their inventory on this dimension. Website design and inventory placement are being tested and optimized to make sure the...
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Percentage of Viewable Ad Impressions US

Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy Politics Mobile Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

While it is perhaps not surprising that Brazil is the 1st largest internet population in Latin America with 84 million Unique Visitors per month, the use of the Internet in Brazil is being impacted for many different local changes which are, in many ...
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Top 10 Stats to Show How Economy, Politics, Mobile & Entertainment Can Change Internet Consumption in Brazil

Radio Maps and Instant Messengers Achieve Greater Audience Reach on Apps than Desktop

Consumers use different devices depending on the digital task they are trying to accomplish, the type of media content they seek to engage with and their physical location at the time of consumption. The categories that tend to skew higher on mobile ...
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Percent Audience Reach on Mobile App and Desktop

Users Engage with Major Social Networks Predominantly via Mobile

As desktop usage has largely remained flat over the past year for top web properties, mobile usage continues to surge. In fact, many of the major social networks are seeing far more traffic and time spent coming from mobile devices than from desktops...
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US Share of Time Spent on Social Networks Between Platforms

An Average Monday in the UK: PCs for Lunch Tablets for Dinner

In today’s multi-platform environment many people consume content on the go using different devices throughout the day. Looking at the share of device page traffic on a typical work day in the UK, we can see that mobiles capture the largest share of...
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Share of Device Page Traffic on a Typical Workday

Mobile Phones and Tablets Now Account for 1 in 8 US Internet Page Views

The wide adoption of smartphones and rapid uptake of tablets are drastically shifting how Americans consume content online. According to comScore Device Essentials, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3 percent of total Internet pag...
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US Share of internet Page Views Across Devices

Small Screens Make a Big Impact Across Europe

In Europe, the computer is no longer the only access point for digital content. The below chart shows what % of website traffic originates from non-computer devices such as Mobiles and Tablets by market.
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Small Screens Make a Big Impact Across Europe

Nearly 5 Percent of EU5 Traffic Generated by Mobiles and Tablets

In an analysis of October 2011 internet traffic from the EU5 markets, the UK led with the highest share coming from non-computer sources (i.e. connected devices and mobile phones) at 7.7 percent. Across the EU5 region computer usage accounted for 95....
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Share of Connected Device Traffic